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Yet again, YouTube deletes crypto videos

The popular online video platform, YouTube has once again begun mass deletion of crypto videos from its platform. 

Making waves last year was the report of the popular online medium deleting series of crypto videos. 

This then made crypto influencers to list other platforms where their next contents are going to be published as many of them on YouTube where issued with community guideline strikes which judged their videos as “harmful or dangerous content”.

Reportedly, two YouTubers who were affected with the recent ban have gone to Twitter to complain about further strikes after their channels were brought back to life.

The crypto video ban both last year and now has had an adverse effect on the crypto industry. Analysts have begun giving their comments and crypto influencers look to promote their content on other platforms that offer similar services to YouTube. 

However, the mass deletion of videos last year made YouTube claim responsibility for the deleted videos owning up it is an error from them. They also promised to reinstate the videos they removed “in error,” and put the entire incident down to a mishap. Now, the same appears to have happened again. 

Influencer calls out youtube 

One Martini guy, a crypto YouTuber, has called out the platform urging them to stop deleting his videos. “STOP STRIKING MY CHANNEL!” he pleaded yesterday, in all caps, “THIS IS AN ATTACK ON CRYPTO YOUTUBE.”

Also another crypto YouTuber, crypto vlogger Davinci 15 Tweeted something similar begging his followers to help. “So I got a strike today on my last live stream. This is clearly an error and with the strike, I am unable to stream or upload videos. Please LIKE & RETWEET to help reopen my YouTube channel,” he said.

However, another crypto YouTuber in an interview said that it is an important platform for them and good for natural community building. 

Alternate platform to lookup crypto videos

Right from the initial glitch when YouTube struck crypto videos, many crypto influencers came out to air where their consequent videos are going to be uploaded for viewers. Some of the mentioned platforms then where Bichute, Flote, Peertube, Dlive, Dtube.


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