What is a Bounty in crypto?

A bounty is a reward which people get after completing specific tasks. In most cases, the tasks are simple enough for all everyone to participate. Bounties are mainly associated with ICOs and the participants of these bounties are spread across the different stages of the ICO. There are two types of bounty programs: Pre-ICO Bounty Program and Post-ICO Bounty Program.

Pre-ICO Bounty Program – This bounty is launched before the start of an ICO. This program is mainly created to bring excitement about a cryptocurrency project. In the pre-ICO bounty, the activities include a social media campaign, Article writing, and signature bounties.

Post – ICO Bounty Programs – This bounty happens after the ICO has been completed and the required funds raised. The main aim of the post-ICO bounty is to make improvements on the projects based on suggestions from the community and bug examination. In this stages, the bounties include Bug reporting and translation campaign counties.