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Vast Acceptance Of Crypto As A Method Of Payment In Australia

The crypto sphere has taken Melbourne, Australia by storm once again. Australia’s top exchange platform known as myCryptoWallet has debuted something new. It is none other than its very own myCryptoCard.

The myCryptoCard will allow Australians to spend Cryptos at diverse locations running into a million. It will also allow Australians to withdraw cash at roughly thirty ATMs. With this launch, about five key Cryptos can be utilized around Australia that approves of EFTPOS.

EFTPOS is Australia’s global payment system. When this system is utilized in withdrawing cash at ATMs, the amount will be removed from the individual’s crypto balance on the wallet platform.

Moreover, the card functions exactly like the debit card from a top bank.

The Cryptos Involved

Differing from other crypto cards, myCryptoCard is not restricted to only Bitcoin. The spending flexibility of the card enables users to purchase with;

  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • LiteCoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Power Ledger, etc

All of these can be used daily. Meanwhile, myCryptoWallet has a plan to include roughly fifty new coins to the platform. This implies that there will be more Cryptos added to the Australian mainstream.

Basically, using the myCryptoCard does not charge any fee. An individual can decide to either spend or withdraw using the card, and no fee is deducted. In addition to this, with the absence of a fee, it brings an end to the stressful regular fees.

The regular fees are linked with the exchange and withdrawing of computerized currencies. According to the myCryptoWallet CEO; Jaryd Koenigsmann, the emergence of the card is yet a huge milestone to the acceptance of Cryptos all over the world.

In a statement he made, he claims that Australia is taking a huge step to make the digital currencies a large part of an individual’s everyday lives offline.

Be it coffee or foodstuff or even clothes, individuals in Australia can purchase items in digital currencies with the aid of myCryptoCard. The card will have a key role to play in merging the large gap between mainstream and computerized currencies.

myCryptoCard simply implies that individuals are flexible enough to utilize Cryptocurrency wherever, however, and whenever they feel like using it.

It enables them to eliminate the huge fees that are connected to exchanging Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Generally, myCryptoCards are joined to the user’s account created in the myCryptoWallet exchange platform.

The exchange can hold Cryptocurrencies like;

  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • LiteCoin
  • Power Ledger
  • Bitcoin

The point of sales purchases available in the Australian dollar is easily exchanged according to the crypto price available at the time of sales. Creating an account on the myCryptoWallet platform is done completely online on the website.

Plus, the cards are delivered within a time frame of two weeks. With the launch of myCryptoCard, myCryptoWallet made a big move by introducing a zero fee trading on the exchange

As a form of celebration for the launch of myCryptoCard, the myCryptoWallet will be giving out its first three thousand debut cards. Also, the debit cards will be given out to individuals for free.

In Conclusion

The myCryptoWallet platform is basically a computerized currency service and even a market that is situated in Melbourne, Australia. The platform can also offer diverse services to its members such as fiat deposits, crypto debit cards, a swift exchange between Australia and other cryptocurrencies, and so much more.


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