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UC Santa Barbara completes first-ever blockchain course

The College of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) has announced the conclusion of first batch of its first approved program on Blockchain course and Distributed Ledger Technology.

The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), in collaboration with the College of Creative Studies offered the Blockchain course under the computer science course.

It was aimed to create and spread awareness about blockchain, facilitate its mass adoption and also enlighten the students about the potential employment opportunities in the blockchain realm.

Cameron Dennis, the president and co-founder of BAF, said that even though blockchain is vastly popular in the industrial side, very few learning opportunities are available to students interested in learning about the blockchain course.

He noted that after numerous discussions with UCSB administration he was able to convince the university that a computer science course focused on blockchain was necessary.

Dennis explained that despite blockchain courses rising popularity on college campuses, students at UCSB previously had little opportunities to learn about the technology outside of Blockchain meetings at UCSB.

According to Dennis his ambition with the course is to teach radically-curious students about compelling blockchain use-cases that can disrupt society’s most entrenched institutions while revolutionizing corporate governance.

The Significance of Blockchain Training

In response to the 2nd Annual Coinbase Report on Increased Training, launched on August 28, it revealed that twice as many college students have taken a crypto or blockchain course this 12 months versus final 12 months.

The Coinbase report additionally famous that whereas pc science courses mostly deal with blockchain (accounting for 32.2 per cent), finance, enterprise and financial courses are additionally educating programs on blockchain.

UCSB’s course, titled “Decentralized Ledger Know-how,” taught college students about consensus mechanisms, and lot more.

Whereas the course was taught by Professor Murat Karaorman, notable audio system from main firms lectured now and again.

These audio systems included the co-founder of Orchid Labs and creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman; Analysis Scientist at Protocol Labs, Evan Miyazono; Head of Backend Companies at MakerDAO, Niklas Kunkel; and CBC Casper Researcher at Ethereum Basis, Aditya Asgaonkar.

UCSB Blockchain course to transform education sector

Universities across the world have reportedly started offering courses in blockchain after the highly successful UCSB Blockchain and DLT course.

Over fifty of top universities in the world now offer courses related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain, with the numbers continuously rising. The blockchain courses cover everything from finance, computer science, economy to teaching courses related to blockchain.

Such programs also encapsulate slight aspects regarding blockchain such as Ethereum, Solidity, Proof-of-Concept, consensus mechanism, stablecoins, and smart contract development. Approved blockchain courses are always evolving to offer more value to academia in this ever-changing realm.

Therefore, blockchain syllabus must, adapt to these evolving changes in the academia realm.

According to experts having an in-depth knowledge of blockchain through prestigious university courses will have a major impact on society at large. Such a curriculum not only refines the blockchain education but also helps redefine the economic potential of the blockchain.

Notably, other institution offering blockchain courses include the Blockchain Research Initiative by the Ripple University, Stanford University Blockchain course, MIT blockchain course, amongst many others.


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