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UAE initiates Health Data Platform based on Blockchain Technology

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has joined hands with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Dubai Healthcare City and other entities to commence a blockchain-based digital platform to store medical data.

This was according to an announcement on Sunday.

The UAE Ministry of Health (MoHAP) has established the country’s foremost advanced digital portal to help save data of private facilities, drug information, health practitioners, pharmaceuticals, and other health centers.

The app will also simplify health facilities and medically licensed personnel when searched for.

This will bring about healthcare accessibility to people.

With the MoHAP App, users can use three steps to get appropriate information as regards healthcare personnel and healthcare providers in their region.

Also, the MoHAP portal will give details on different medications.

This will include their manufacturer, usage, approved agent, cost, and the active substance.

Furthermore, the project would give effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of work for health inspectors by enabling medical tourism.

The deputy undersecretary at the ministry of health, Dr, Amin Hussein, said the idea is to alleviate the entire delivery strategies of healthcare solutions in the country.

It would also assist consumers in getting information as regards types of medication.

In turn, this will help better the general healthcare service in the country.

MoHAP is intending to give the best smart electronics services to launch a smart system that would end up giving the customer joy and contentment.

With the takeoff of the smart network, it would enhance telecommunications standards and help the health regulatory authorities augment their degree of monitoring efficiency.

Director of MoHAP’s public health policy department, Dr Lubna Shaali, stated that the blockchain-based portal will deliver a decentralized and safe database with a high level of safety to ascertain data reliability and tangibility.

She also noted that employing blockchain technology will aid the enhancement of information and data verification.

This, to her, this would give rise to a sustained level of potency in the health sector.

With the use of blockchain technology, there would be more assurance and clarity in the provision of healthcare services in the country.

Evolution to AI technology as part of UAE technology initiative

As UAE intends to create AI technology into all health services delivery departments across all emirates, it is depending on blockchain technology to stimulate such methods.

UAE has always been critical about becoming a global leader to proactively confront future problems with smart technology.

The artificial intelligence program will play an important role in modifying the efficiency of healthcare services and giving smart medical solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of healthcare consumers.


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