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U.S. Crypto Investment Firm Reveals All

A Cryptocurrency asset management firm that is situated in Palo Alto, California has issued its first set of a report. This firm is simply known as Electric Capital. The report it published has been titled; Dev Report.

Interestingly, this report is free to the view of the general public. The Dev report is made up of sixty-six pages and was compiled by the team members of Electric Capital. These team members are;

  • Curtis Spencer
  • Maria Shen
  • Ken Deeter
  • Avichal Garg
  • Thuan Le, and so on

The report basically draws upon the Cryptocurrency asset management firm’s proprietary information to monitor every effort and work of smart contract creators and Blockchain.

Basically, the information that was brought forth in the Dev report is as a result of the firm, Electric Capital having an index of about 21000 code repos, 16m de-duplicated commits to get the original encryption authors, a 130k analysis of developers and 3k Cryptocurrency projects.

All these were mentioned on the fifth page of the report. A large part of the report actually pertains to a period of twelve months that will end on the 31st of January, 2019.

Last Two Years Of Dev

According to the initial findings shared in Electric Capital’s intriguing Dev report, the number of developers operating on public coins actually doubled in the past two years. They went on to refer to a chart drawn on page nine of the report.

This chart practically depicted the developers that were active monthly. They went on to highlight that 2190 monthly developers that were discovered in the year 2017 have shot up to about 4352 during this Dev report broadcast.

Meanwhile, the figures seem to have gone up higher to about 5000 on three different occasions all through 2018.

Interestingly, judging from the blog post made by Electric capital, the number of 4352 is simply undercounting the number of developers in the Cryptocurrency system that belong to projects.

Moreover, all these details make the two years developer increase look much more impressive. Some of the active projects were made private such as BNB, some were never launched like Coda, and one was not even a coin like Lightning. All these were stated by Electric capital.

Additionally, there is an intriguing outtake from Electric Capital’s tell-all report. This has to do with the sheer drop off in the activities of developers on the project. These projects existed as forks of high system value coins.

An example is Bitcoin’s fork which is LiteCoin. According to market capitalization, LiteCoin is the fifth biggest Cryptocurrency. However, LiteCoin’s overall amount of developers dived from about forty to a mere three.

All these took place from January 2018 to July.

To Wrap It Up

The Dev report was also published to reveal the number of developers operating on the Ethereum network, and they have continually trended higher since January 2018. This is, however, a very encouraging signal. It is a good sign because Ether has lost over four-fifths of its exact value all through these times.


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