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Two Cryptocurrencies To Consider Trading, Despite The Bearish Uproar

To put it simply, through bullish or bearish periods, traders will trade. Through bearish or bullish periods some tokens and coins will still outperform. And it is all for this reason that these two cryptocurrencies have shown themselves more flexible for trading despite the back and forth movement with the bears.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin LTC has at this moment has attained slight gains of 10.22%, making it one of the cryptocurrencies to make a quick turnaround and give into the bullish comeback. Although not an intense bull run, the cryptocurrency market is beginning to take a correction that has further helped to strengthen LTC’s possibilities of making a major breakout in price.

While one reason to trade LTC would mainly be linked to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is currently in its favor, the coin’s ability to maintain stability through this period of bullish/bearish collision shows that LTC already has enough momentum to crossover and this time to the $60 mark.

Currently trading at $53.03 at press time, LTC is certain to hit $60 anytime soon. Meanwhile, the fight for the 4th spot continues between the coin and its closest rival EOS. Interestingly, LTC has been moving up rather quickly, and with a $9 million increase to its market cap of the previous day, EOS might have to make way for LTC once again.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Unarguably one of the best performing coins for the week has been the Binance coin. One significant factor to note about BNB’s milestone is particularly the swiftness with which the coin moves in both volume and price. A look at BNB’s past data shows a rather slow and steady movement pattern of BNB maintaining a particular trading price for a few weeks or months before making a breakout.

However, this year seems to hold a different pattern from the others, one that communicates a rather increased trading interest amongst traders. Up by 22.36% at press time, BNB moved swiftly from its closing price of $11.55 yesterday and is now trading at $13.76. With market cap currently at $1.94 billion and using data from the past few months to conduct this analysis, BNB could hit the 6th spot this week and head for the $20 mark in the coming weeks.


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