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Tron named 2nd biggest-dapp-ecosystem

With 411 new apps built on its blockchain, the Tron platform becomes the second-largest dapp ecosystem as TRONS mainnet accounts grow significantly. More than 3.2 million new accounts have been motivated by its partnerships, principally with the Samsung, Opera, and issuance of TRC-20 standard USDT.

The TRON-based USDT has gone beyond $900 million, which is around 20% of the entire USDT supply. Gambling and high-risk apps, however, still leads TRON, accounting for more than 75% of the active users and volume.

This translates to continuous growth as a decentralized application (DApps) saw a boost with 2.77 million new users, as reported by the Dapp.com 2019 Annual Dapp Market Report although, not all of them were active, only 348k old users, 11% of all active users, remained active.

The report also reveals that nine top blockchains firms recorded 3.26 billion worth of transactions. This amounts to over 2.3 billion belonging to EIDOS on EOS.

Financial services like lending dapps registered the most growth as the number of financial dapp users improved by 610% while transactions volume by 251%. DeFi dapps are the second-largest category with a total of 1 million active users.

Ethereum is still the most chosen choice for smart contract platforms. It oversaw the start of around 600 new dapps and had over 1.4 million users who were active all year long. This accounted for 10% of all active users. The year also saw the use of the platform drop by 62%.

It means that about half of the active Ethereum dapp consumers utilized DeFi apps. Ethereum also remained its status among gamers and gaming developers, with over 200 thousand making use of it.

EOS recorded great loss towards the end of 2019 when dapps like EOSbet, Karma, and Prospectors, which were among the most active migrated to Wax Blockchain.

EOS has only created 260 new apps which generated around $5 billion. This represents around 50% of the entire income which is more than what was recorded by Tron and Ethereum.

EOS also launched few products with EIDOS being it’s most important. EIDOS allowed four times increase in the amount of transactions. Prior to the EIDOS launch, EOS had the largest number of users and got decreased by 80%  after EIDOS began working.


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