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Tradesanta Automated Crypto Trading Made Simple

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain has evolved continued to evolve since, and that is indicative of the fact that more companies and businesses have begun to see the good in the emerging technologies, and are beginning to integrate them into their systems. Furthermore, the availability of different cryptocurrencies for different purposes has made it possible for people to invest in cryptocurrency, and thus make money from crypto investments.

Even though cryptocurrency investments have begun to be really lucrative, a lot goes into making actual profits from it, one important part of the process is monitoring the crypto market at all times in order to know when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It can be a daunting task when you have to switch between crypto trading platforms trying to find the best prices to trade.

What if we told you there is an automated way of achieving this, a system that will perform the best trades for you even while you are asleep. At this point you are probably wondering how it is possible to achieve an automated crypto trade. This post was created to help you see that it is indeed possible with an innovative technology used by TradeSanta.

What is TradeSanta?

If there is one thing humans love doing, then it has to be creating solutions that make life easier for them. TradeSanta is one of those systems, and is basically a cypto bot that is cloud-based and can be used to facilitate the automation of your cryptocurrency trades, and thus help you enjoy the profitability of crypto trading. With the help of the software you will be able to convert the strategy you employ for your crypto trade, into an automated program that self-executes the strategy, and continue the process for 24 hours every day. However, it is important to know that this automated bot, as well as other bots should not be taken as machines that perform trades and help you earn magically, hence, if you do not have a good background in creating profitable strategies for crypto trades, you may not earn anything, and that could invariably lead to a loss. Hence, it is proper that you understand the functionality about the bot and the fact that it would only trade just as you would, based on the strategy you would use if you were trading manually.

Why TradeSanta?

There are different reasons why TradeSanta is the real deal compared to some other bots out there. Firstly, the speed is one good thing to note, as it is able to deal with a lot more processes than if it were a human handling the processes. It is also a secure system, because the bot is designed to disallow any transactions from taking place without the authorization and verification of the account owner. Furthermore, the automation also eliminates the part where human emotions gets involved, and thus reduces the risk of losing money.

Major Features

There are some awesome features that come with the TradeSanta platform, and they include:

  • Precision and Speed

Apart from the fact that you can perform processes real quick on the platform, the bot also ensures there is precision, by eliminating the risks associated with human error.

  • Extra Order

This is where Extra Order feature comes into play. The bot places an extra order to buy (or sell) more coins at the lower (or higher) price than the price of the first order, making it possible to get desired take profit with a smaller price recovery in the future.

  • Intuitive Interface

The bot was designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, straightforward, and easy to navigate by new crypto traders, and furthermore, setting up takes about 10 minutes.

  • Different Exchanges

It will interest you to know that TradeSanta is in partnership with different crypto exchanges such as HitBTC, Bittres, Binance, and Bitfinex. In the near future, the system intends to partner with Huobi, BitMex, and OKEx in the near future.

  • Availability of Bots

At the moment, there are over 5,739 active bots sent into the platform’s ecosystem, and there are almost 500,000 completed transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Security

When dealing with cryptocurrency trades, it is always important to pay attention to security and in order for traders of the TradeSanta platform to be secure at all times, the platform functions with the aid of API keys, and also comes with a 2-step verification process. Hence, the assets of the users cannot be reached by cyber criminals and scammers.

  • Telegram Community

The bulk of the subscribers come as a result of different activities on social media, and we have a Telegram community that is friendly and properly developed.

The smart algorithm of the platform comes with different functions, in order to facilitate an effective and efficient automated crypto trading, and getting started is a very simple process.


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