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Three VISA-powered Debit Cards for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrencies came into existence with an aim to be a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure financial transactions. However, cryptocurrency has not been able to live up to the preset expectations and convenience it was perceived to bring in with its introduction, mainly due to the intangibility and the liquidity associated with it. That’s why VISA-powered “Debit Cards” for Cryptocurrencies are being introduced and among the many existing players, some seem to be very useful. They provide an alternative as a convenient payment instrument, with an approach based on choices and special responsibilities. Today, in this article we are going to consider the most useful versions and list them below;

Cryptopay Debit Bitcoin card by cryptopay.me:

Debit Bitcoin card - cryptopay.me

Cryptopay uses USD, EUR, and GBP for payments. This card also comes in the virtual format which can be accessed via an app listed at App Store and Google Play. These Bitcoin cards can be used wherever Visa is honored. To withdraw money from ATM, it is necessary to pay $2.5 per transaction as a pre-set commission. In case of making purchases viaPoint of Sale (POS) terminals, the transactional fees are nil. It is possible to buy these cards for $15 with an additional $1 per month, levied for using the services associated with the card.

PAOcard Visa by paocard.com:

PAOcard is a full-fledged debit card VISA, which can be used wherever Visa is honored and also there is a possibility to withdraw money from any ATM with “no fee” being charged. This card is primarily intended for the residents of the United States. It lists several cryptocurrencies which can be accessed via the convenient mobile app. The cost of the card release composes $199. It is possible to issue the card online in the official site. This card is issued by the Hong Kong-based Company PEOPLE ALLOCATE ONE CARD INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO. LIMITED in partnership with Prime Credit Bank. The card supports currency balances in USD. No-fee is charged for replenishment and comes with free POS transactions. There are cashback and investment options for 15% account balance. Once the validity is expired, it can be reissued free of charge.

Spectrocoin Visa by spectrocoin.com:

Spectrocoin Visa - spectrocoin.com

These cards are issued by the Mychoice Company. Cash can be deposited in EUR, GBP, and USD. Free replenishment. It is possible to buy physical Bitcoin card for $50, and virtual cards go for $9. Card services cost an additional $1 per month. There is a possibility of withdrawing money from ATM, but the pre-set commission is $2.50 per transaction.


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