With the advancement of Blockchain as one of the most profitable technology today, there have been numerous alternatives in the crypto sphere for individuals to invest. While some of the Cryptos have majorly developed, some have failed woefully.

However, before making a move to invest, individuals should critically investigate the potentials of the Cryptos and understand their diverse features. Similar to real estate and other investments, no one rushes into the crypto industry.

While the top Cryptos to invest in may not be prominent regular to merchants, there are diverse metrics used in estimating the best of them actually to invest in. It might prove to be a complex task to know which to invest.

Nevertheless, this article analyzes some of the best ten in the crypto sphere for the year 2019.

So, What Cryptocurrencies Should You Invest In 2019?

Though it is still predominantly new, it has gained diverse grounds in the market. The CEO of Zcash is Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, and he is known for his continuous strategies and growth of the coin.

Currently, Zcash has a finite number of coins that are roughly 21 million. Zcash was initially traded in a Cryptocurrency exchange back in the year 2016. It was trades for $4,293.37.

The market capitalization of Zcash is $294,381,422. However, its current price is $50.12, and its distribution supply is running into ZEC 5,439,906. The ZEC can be converted to Bitcoin on CoinSwitch if users want the best rate.

Investing in the coin is very simple. Users enjoy a particular level of confidentiality and are given details of their transactions. This makes it one of the best Cryptos actually to invest in.

Different from Bitcoin, Ethereum offers a unique deal to its users. The platform can be utilized by developers to create their very own Cryptocurrency. In 2017, Ethereum rapidly increased by roughly 3000%.

This has made it transform into the second biggest crypto, putting in the second place right after Bitcoin. In 2017, it was a bit higher than about $720 and its market capitalization was roughly $70 billion.

However, in early 2018, the Ethereum coin grew and attained its top price. This price was $1423.  And so, its overall market capitalization was reaching $138 billion. It is worthy to note that Ethereum is not just a mere computerized currency.

The Ethereum platform is a developed Blockchain project.

Some individuals believe that Ripple is the overall best crypto coin to invest in 2019. Back in 2017, the individuals who took the risk to invest in the crypto had smiles written all over their faces by the end of the year.

From $0.03, Ripple grew to about $3 per coin. Users say it is the most secure and vastly utilized crypto. Their reasons stem from the fact that it is not just a cryptocurrency, but its technology is majorly used for payment transactions.

Ripple is said to have beaten the payment transaction time of the Ethereum platform. The market capitalization of Ripple is roughly $13 billion. In 2017, Ripple growth in value was roughly 36,000%.

Basically, Cardano is the distributed electronic platform that operates the Blockchain technology for its ADA crypto coin. Due to its decentralized nature, it is an open source crypto project.

It is known as the first crypto platform that is grounded on a code known as the Haskell code. This Haskell code is an industrial product utilized for mission crucial networks.

ADA crypto has a distributed supply of 25,927,070,538. Are you interested in its market capitalization? It is a whopping $786,664,565. Buying the coin, the price is at $0.030341.

Even with its sudden increase occasionally, Tron has still managed to attract investors. People believe that it has high prospects and accepting to the crypto Bible, it is best to buy when the coin is at its lowest.

With this crypto, swift and secure transactions are easily executed. It is based on a decentralized platform by its developer; Justin Sun. The market capitalization of TRX is at $885,774,163.

The crypto aims to promote and back the entertainment industry. It would allow users to not only upload but also download diverse kind of media without the aid of intermediaries.

Interested in this coin, you can purchase it at $0.026. Plus, its circulating supply is actually TRX 66,247,402,190

While lots of people know it as just a crypto exchange, it will amaze them to find out that it is also a coin. Its coin is rated among the top thirty Cryptos in the world today. With its fifteen new tokens, it has been accepted by a large 50%

Its price is about $4.88. It has increased liquidity. Plus its assets are great in crypto trading. It has a market capitalization of $638,695,122. For its circulation, it has a supply of BNB 130,799,315.

Ox is a decentralized exchange of ERC20 tokens. Its users can place their orders directly from the Ethereum wallet. It is the newest Cryptocurrency and trending highly. It is successfully catching the attention of not just traders but also investors alike.

Its price is rated at $0.25. It enables higher liquidity when placed with other Cryptocurrencies. The coin was once in the news when CoinBase made it known that it will be the first ERC20 token to be on their platform.

Its market capitalization is at $166,287,456, and the ZRX supply is being circulated at 551,812,085

This crypto has smart contracts similar to Ethereum. It is already gaining in prominence also. It is regarded as the first Blockchain functioning network that provides decentralized apps.

These applications live on the Blockchain, and it facilitates transactions plus better scalability than other competitors. Its transactions are free. The coin can be purchased at $2.35.

With a market capitalization of $2,201,800,000, its supply is being circulated at 906,245,000 EOS.

This Cryptocurrency functions on the Tron Blockchain. It aids in facilitating the globe’s biggest decentralized apps or dApps. This crypto can be bought for $0.000919. It enables creators of contents to link with their diverse audience.

It does not make use of intermediaries. It is a crypto token that is implemented fully on the Tron platform. Its BTT in circulation is 990,000,000,000.

This is a Cryptocurrency with Chinese origins. This computerized currency backs diverse programming languages, and it is supported by the Chinese authorities. Due to this support, it rapidly grew over the past eighteen months.

In 2018, its market value was at $187. It has a capacity of roughly ten thousand transactions every second. With its stability, it is expected to be rated as the most influential crypto in the crypto sphere.

To purchase the coin, it goes for $7.66. It is being circulated with a supply of 65,000,000 plus its market capitalization is also at $498,613,251.

Wrapping It Up

The world of crypto is a prominent business as it enables investors to gain so much within a short duration. One thing that is not easy in this industry is figuring out the crypto market.

Diverse coins running into thousands have been developed over the years, and so one has to be careful before investing. Also, it is advisable to keep an eye on the coins above as they are likely to make individuals rich in the coming years.

Disclaimer: the article is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee a return on investment. Readers invest at their own risk. PaperBlockchain authors and editors are not responsible for the readers’ actions.


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