Telecom Giant China Mobile Is Implementing Blockchain In A Water Purifier

In the latest cryptocurrency news, we are focusing on the topic of blockchain. However, instead of its mass usage in various industries and sectors such as shipping, tracking, logistics and so on, the latest use of blockchain is actually seen in water purifiers.

It all started when the telecom giant China Mobile decided to show everyday customers the value of blockchain and its simplicity – incorporating the technology into an ordinary household product such as the water purifier.

In fact, it was the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) division which developed a water purifier with a built-in chip and an IoT module, which collects data on user behaviour and exports it to manufacturers and suppliers.

According to Xiao Yi who is a product market director at China Mobile IoT, the smart appliance stands apart from the competition by giving the consumers something in return for their data – in the form of blockchain.

“Our goal is to also attract those who are not in the cryptocurrency or blockchain community, who may have heard of this technology but not necessarily understand it,” Xiao said, adding that “in order to embrace a more mainstream adoption, we need to turn something that appears professional into something that’s very ordinary.”

What everyone needs to know is that this water purifier is far from mass usage. Right now, it is available only through a one-month crowdfunding campaign on the eCommerce giant with a goal to raise 200,000 yuan or $30,000 by January 21st.


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