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Slovenia’s GoCrypto to make crypto payment global

Eligma, creators of GoCrypto, a Slovenia-based crypto payment infrastructure provider intends to improve cryptocurrency adoption through its global expansion.

The company plans to follow recent contribution into the project in which it secured 4 million euros from Bitcoin.com and Swiss-based Pangea Blockchain Fund.

With the digital asset/ currency being the future means of exchange, GoCrypto craves to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream and make them part of daily life and commerce.

This prompted Eligma to develop an easy-to-use solution that merchants can integrate into existing software with no need to change their hardware.

Eligma currently operates in around nine countries expanding from Slovenia and Croatia into other European countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The company has plans to go global with its primary objective to make GoCrypto a global scheme that connects crypto owners, wallet, merchant etc. to enable instant crypto payments.

Outside its plans to go global, Eligma has also partnered with craft beer producer Brewdog in Budapest, Hungary and Burger King in Slovenia.

Burger King’s partnership with GoCrypto makes it the first physical Burger King location in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

GoCrypto’s disrupt has also made it possible for customers to pay with digital currency in over 730 physical location in the world.

Eligma says that its near-term expansion plans include several countries in South America through a proxy platform, X-pay which accepts online payments from e-commerce websites.

GoCrypto is a merchant-oriented upgrade of Eligma’s crypto payments solution Elipay.

Eventually, after the global proliferation of GoCrypto and acceptance of crypto around the globe, its app is going to be the primary instrument to complete financial transactions.

The GoCrypto app which is expected to surge in the nearest future supports custodial Elly wallets and noncustodial Bitcoin.com wallets.

With the wallet, users can conduct payment with major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin BTC, etherum ETH, bitcoin cash BCH etc. alongside GoCrypto’s GoC.

The app likewise does not require users to also have prior knowledge of the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry or undergo dedicated training as the app supports both online and offline payment.

The GoCrypto app also processes real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion of each payment with no hidden costs or fees.

According to Eligma CEO, Dejan Roljic, digital assets and cryptocurrency are the future of financial transactions.

Dejan said earlier that the development of finance is going towards cash becoming a thing of the past.

This he said is because doing business with it is quite time consuming and expensive.

He explained further that people must not forget that cryptocurrencies were envisioned as the electronic cash of the future.


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