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Satis Group Cryptocurrency Future Price Prediction

According to Bloomberg Cryptocurrency broadcast of this week, Satis Group has gone on to give a strong Cryptocurrency price prediction. This prediction is surprisingly for the coming decade.

According to this broadcast, there will be some great market operations for some of the available Cryptocurrencies. And for others, the Satis Group could only predict doom. Especially for most of the computerized assets.

Bloomberg prediction focused on valuation. However, Cryptocurrency market price basically lives off speculations.

Bloomberg’s Report

Judging from the broadcast, bitcoin Cryptocurrency will be trading in the year 2023 at $96000, and within ten years it will finally settle at $144000. For Ethereum, it will experience a surge to the tune of $800.

Additionally, Ethereum will further fall to $588 within a decade. The Altcoins Monero will further trade in five years at $19000 and go on to trade at $39000 within ten years.

The report claims that there will be a tremendous dominance from some of the coins that focused solely on privacy. In the same vein, Zcash will practically trade at the sum of $4400 in the coming five years

Additionally, Zcash will further trade at $9000 in the next ten years. For Dash, it will trade at $1900 in the coming five years and go on to trade further at $3000 in the next ten years.

Furthermore, the remaining coins that look promising have their own part in the Bloomberg report. Moreover, this is where the predicted doom starts. For Litecoin, it will trade at $225 in the next ten years.

Ripple’s XRP will trade at $0.004, and the stellar lumen will finish the next ten years with a price that ranges between $0.01 and $0.02. Meanwhile, Cardano will crash badly with its price at $0.0001 in the next ten years.

Following the report, Bitcoin cash will not get close to $1000. It will be traded at $268 in the next five years and finally traded at $180 in the coming ten years.

This valuation was carried out with diverse methodologies such as;

  • Top-down
  • Bottom-up
  • Peer-based, and so on

The Predictions In The Light Of Speculation And Valuation

Basically, the cost of an asset is majorly influenced via speculations or the operation of the asset’s value. An organization is often regarded as having value when it is able to quantify the following;

  • Its Prospects
  • Its Earnings
  • Its Sales
  • Its Revenue
  • Its Asset and so on.

Meanwhile, for Cryptocurrencies, their prices are majorly predicted via speculations most times than the valuation.

The potentiality of a Cryptocurrency been vastly accepted by organizations actually influences the investors to start speculating. They speculate on what the price will turn out to be in the nearest future.

Investors most times purchase more of an asset because they majorly hope that a favorable regulation by the government will lead to a surge in price.

To Wrap It Up

Through speculation, Bitcoin rose in the year 2016, December to $20000. This was not done by valuation. While valuation methodology may likely be correct, the Cryptocurrency market is powerfully plagued by speculations.


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