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Ripple Expands In the Iceland After Acquisition of the Crypto Trading Firm

Ripple is just expanding its team of engineers and is moving in a new place in the earth after the acquisition of a trading firm which is based on Iceland and is Iceland-based and its name is Algrim.

After this acquisition the Algrim team will expand and will add six more engineers to Ripple’s ranks, which has a focus of integrations with partner crypto exchanges. This team will just work to enlarge Ripple’s trans-boundary payment methods and way of paying and will contribute to the continuous development and evolvement of this liquidity product that the company owns and it is on-demand by the way, said Amir Sarhangi who is the Ripple’s president of its products. We tried to find it out but Ripple did not disclose and did not let us know the financial terms that is of and behind this major acquisition.

“It’s about experience,” Amir said. “The team has shown to hit the ground and be running as opposed to just building and working out one team that is yet ready and has to obtain this form of knowledge.”

The procurement is also the firm’s prime outreach into the Iceland, the land of the Ices. Ripple has a firm and straight physical presence and being in the New York, San Francisco, Mumbai, London, São Paulo, Sydney and Singapore. The company is willing to expand and add more to its ability to hire the best engineering talents as it just moves in the new parts of the world, Sarhangi added.

Ripple has a feature which is called the On-demand liquidity that happens through the Ripple’s xRapid which is a cross-border payment solution and that allows other companies to just transfer funds and money from one own currency to the Ripple’s XRP and can transfer from the Ripple’s XRP to the another currency or their own currency. This can allow enterprises to avoid opening a bank account in countries they want to send payments to, letting them avoid holding funds there for cross-border transactions. Ripple says it has more than a dozen customers using XRP for cross-border transactions.

Prior to the acquisition, Algrim developed a crypto trading platform that the firm integrated with more than 30 markets. Before that, the team built traditional trading platforms and foreign exchange trading algorithms for more than a decade. The firm was reportedly among the victims in Iceland’s “Big Bitcoin Heist” of late-2017.

The news follows Ripple’s announcement on Friday that its investment arm, Xpring, had purchased Logos Network. That move brought nine engineers to the Xpring team with the goal of building XRP-related decentralized finance (DeFi) products.

Before joining Xpring, Logos was working to build a payments network inspired by the bitcoin blockchain, with a focus on a scalable, rapid network that still maintains high levels of security.


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