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Playbetr: Ethereum and Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Playbetr.com is a licensed cryptocurrency casino and Ethereum sportsbook dedicated to serving all of your online playing needs. They feature only the best in cryptocurrency entertainment, including more than 1,000 casino games and a fully-featured sportsbook. Coupled with Playbetr’s fantastic user experience, this website is one of the best places to play on the web. Playbetr is your premier gaming destination for cryptocurrency games and Bitcoin sportsbook betting.

Playbetr came about when a group of cryptocurrency professionals decided they wanted to see a website that combined the best of Ethereum casino gaming and sportsbook betting all in one place. The professionals added the use of cryptocurrency to that idea, and Playbetr was born. By combining the best aspects of the online Bitcoin casino industry, Litecoin sportsbook betting, and cryptocurrency, Playbetr offers an experience different and better than most anything else available. The experience that Playbetr offers is engaging, rewarding, and fun, all while online and reachable from the comfort of your own home.


Playbetr currently accepts fourteen different cryptocurrencies for use on their website, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, and more. The company is constantly striving to add more cryptocurrencies to its lineup to make the Ethereum casino and sportsbook accessible to even more players. Though changing your country’s currency into cryptocurrency just to add it to Playbetr’s website might seem like an extra step, this means that Playbetr’s transactions are lightning-fast, secure, and accessible.

In addition, Playbetr uses its own currency, PBR, to keep track of your deposits and winnings, and this currency is extremely secure since it’s tied to USD. You never need to worry about the extreme fluctuations that other cryptocurrencies are prone to, as your PBR will hold its value, maintaining a true and accurate account of your winnings. This is meant to let the player enjoy themselves and have fun rather than worrying about the safety of their cryptocurrency.

Playbetr Software

Playbetr was designed to give players the most rewarding, user-friendly experience possible for online Ethereum casino and sportsbook gaming. As such, the casino itself uses more than 1,200 games including baccarat, roulette, slots, blackjack, pai gow, poker, and many, many more. Playbetr’s games are also provably fair, meaning the player never needs to worry about unfair games. Playbetr’s Ethereum casino also uses a live casino to host live baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and more.

Playbetr’s edge lies in the fact that players never have to worry about empty games, lack of bets, or not enough competition. Playbetr’s casino and sportsbook sit at the very top of the industry with almost 30,000 monthly markets between them. Very few platforms come anywhere near the numbers that Playbetr offers – only the top few in the world can come close. Playbetr’s sportsbook software also has more markets and longer bidding times than nearly any other online sportsbook available. As such, the Playbetr sportsbook is your true home for sportsbook betting and Litecoin casino gaming alike.

Customer Support

Playbetr’s world-class customer support sets it apart from the competition in many ways. The site offers both 24/7 live chat with employees and email contact information. In addition, this contact system is supported in several languages, meaning the specialists at Playbetr are there to support you no matter your issue or language. For complicated problems, a manager is always present, but Playbetr is always working to make sure your interactions with customer support are as few and far between as possible. The company is always improving its customer experience, user interface, and all instances of player interaction with the website and the company.

VIP Rewards

To reward their best players, Playbetr has a VIP rewards program for its Ripple casino and Ripple sportsbook programs that rewards play. The program starts with a 100% deposit match and up to ten free spins, and from there, the player receives reload bonuses ranging from fifty to ten percent. Additionally, players earn status points with every play that they make at Playbetr. As these status points pile up, players will see more and more payback for wins and even losses, refunding parts of their bets back to them. Their loyalty system sets the bar high in the industry, and very few other sites can match this sort of customer rewards program.

Playbetr casino and sportsbook’s VIP program is a reflection of its dedication to its players. They appreciate their customers and their players, so it only makes sense to reward the players who spend their time there. This dedication shows through in their employee appreciation, their attention to the user interface and customer experience, and their thoroughness when dealing with customer issues.


Playbetr also offers an affiliate program for its casino and sportsbook programs, and the program pays out some of the best commissions in the industry. Playbetr is dedicated to working with each partner to create campaigns, tournaments, and advertisements that will help to maximize the revenue that both Playbetr and the affiliate receive. On top of that, referrals to Playbetr from affiliates are always given the VIP treatment, and the affiliate will earn commissions from that player for all time they spend playing at Playbetr. Because of this, referring players to Playbetr benefits the affiliate, the player, and Playbetr, creating a truly mutually beneficial relationship. Having affiliates helps Playbetr to diversify their offerings and launch unique events, while Playbetr helps its affiliates to make a return on their investment in the company.


There are many reasons why Playbetr comes highly recommended as one of the best Monero casinos and Monero sportsbook resources in the industry. The company features only the best aspect of sportsbook betting and casino gaming, and the benefits of cryptocurrencies combine with that to create a truly unique, fun, and secure experience. Playbetr’s dedication to their players shines through in every aspect of the platform, from customer service to the user interface itself, and it’s clear that this dedication helps to create a gratifying and superior experience for everyone involved. Visit Playbetr.com today to enjoy everything that the casino and sportsbook have to offer, and have fun!

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