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Platforms to get crypto video content in 2020

Following series of cryptocurrency videos getting deleted on youtube, crypto influencers are beginning to list other platforms where their next contents are going to be published.

Several crypto youtube influencers were issued with community guideline strikes which judged their videos as “harmful or dangerous content”.

Owing to this, the Youtube team had several videos relating to cryptocurrency where deleted.

Following Youtube’s action, several reports had it that the removals were an accident and that content has since been restored.

However, major channels like Ivan on Tech still seem to be in the dark about the issue as Youtube team in an announcement said they are looking into it and would give answers soon.

In lieu to this development, many crypto influencers have suggested migration and adoption of other platforms. 

These alternate platforms are assumed to provide greater freedom from Youtube policy to content creators.

Some of these new platforms are


P2P video sharing platform Bitchute has been around since 2017 and claims to provide greater censorship resistance through the use of webtorrent technology, though the practical reality of this claim has been challenged.

Another webtorrent-powered P2P sharing system and one still in early beta according to its website, Bittubers claims it “emphasizes free speech, fairness and unrestricted monetization across the board,” and notes “This platform is the successor to bit.tube, launched in mid-2018.”


Flote is a centralized, crypto-friendly alternative which presents a Facebook-meets-Patreon like UI and claims to be a “Community-driven social network focused on user privacy & monetization.


Unique in its approach, Peertube leverages groups or “federations” of content sharers agreeing on rules and governance and “is not meant to become a huge platform that would centralize videos from all around the world.

Other alternative sites are Lbry, Dlive, Dtube, Cinema.cash etc.

Rage as crypto influencers react

After several contents were pulled down, crypto influencers had to take their rage to Twitter asking questions as to what is happening.

Others used the popular social medium to vent their displeasure regarding the development.

Popular crypto YouTuber Chico Crypto’s channel was hit with numerous community strikes, Chico’s whose real name is Tyler Swope, maintained that his videos didn’t violate YouTube’s guidelines.

He said not a single one of these videos violates the community guidelines yet all have been taken down.

Later that night on Dec, 23 another influencer Chris Dunn’s page was hit with mass deletion also.

Dunn, who has garnered 211,000 subscribers, was also deemed to have engaged in the “sale of regulated goods”.

Dunn reacted to this saying its been 10 years of making videos and using the platform, asking what team youtube was doing.

Like Chico Crypto and Chris Dunn, Ivan on Tech was banned from uploading to YouTube for one week.

Ivan on Tech, who also has 211k followers, received his strikes on Christmas Eve

Muhaimin Olowoporoku
Muhaimin is a journalist and a crypto enthusiast. He believes in the Africa project and sees blockchain technology as a possible solution alongside developmental journalism


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