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Nimbus secures $650,000 grant to develop Ethereum mobile

The Ethereum Foundation has approved of a $650,000 grant to Nimbus for the further work on light Ethereum 2.0 running on mobile devices.

This is to enable smartphones and embedded devices to operate smart contract-capable nodes.

Jacek Sieka, head of research at Nimbus stated that reasonable improvement has been made on Nimbus and this grant further allows them to proceed with the R and D of the Eth2.0 client.

Also, it helps to study additional areas of priority which can render Nimbus a more universal and significant piece of infrastructure and quicken the forthcoming improvement stages.

Part of the project is to work out how to make Ethereum rise so that more enterprises can use it concurrently and operate more power-hungry applications.

The Ethereum Foundation is searching for ways to scale its platform because it’s almost too enormous.

Network utilization has been spiking in the past few months, reaching highs of 90 percent.

If it reaches 100 percent, the network will decelerate and become costly to use, making it difficult for businesses to build on it.

About Nimbus

Nimbus was built in 2018 by The Status Network.

It creates decentralized applications, infrastructure, and tools formulated to help local communities transact securely, communicate with ease and coordinate with assurance.

The Status Network also supports Vac, a protocol for modular peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant messaging; Keycard, an open payments network, and decentralized financial tools Assemble and Teller.

It is a productive, general-purpose systems programming language with a Python-like syntax that compiles to C.

Nim will enable implementation to Ethereum rapidly. It will take advantage of the mature C-language tooling in the collection of machine code, and in the calculation of static code.

With Ethereum research currently designed in Python, the end result of executing in Nim should be codes that allow for analysis into production.

This has a huge level of reasonability for researchers and is performant in output.

The core contributors and the Nim community have been corroborative and eager for the project.


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