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May The Real Satoshi Please Stand Up?

The chief executive of NChain, prominently known as Craig Wright published a blog post that showcased his experience of being the one who created the popular Blockchain.

He boldly wrote in his essay that he was Satoshi, however, he did not write out his keys. Some individuals refused to pay any mind to him since this was not his first time to claim he was Satoshi.

However, something interesting happened. Just on Craig’s comment section, a commenter boldly typed out that Craig was a liar. The commenter went on to say that, in fact, he was actually the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

So Many Satoshi Out There

No one knows why anyone would want to pass through the stress of claiming to be Satoshi. After running with such claims, they barely have any proof to show the world that they actually created Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, there have been quite some people claiming to be Satoshi, but are unable to convince the Cryptocurrency sphere that they are for real. Meanwhile, Craig Wright is the most famous of them all.

But, so many individuals have been reported to be the actual creators of Bitcoin. For some time now, Craig has been publishing memoirs about his real or unreal experience of inventing Bitcoin.

He had a specific post where he said he was Satoshi, but he really does not have to provide proofs. However, after his post on February 8th, readers noticed another commenter calling out Craig Wright as a liar.

The individual went on to explain that he was the real Satoshi and not only that, he mentioned so much more. He went on commenting that Craig actually created an altcoin known as BSV.

He claimed Craig pleaded with him to exchange Bitcoin’s core for his own crap coin.

The PGP Key 0x5EC948A1

The person behind the comments went on to say that when he signs electronically, he will reveal to the world a licensed notary paper and the details of the genesis block.

He wrote his Twitter handle and from Twitter, it was clear he has been tweeting that he was the real Satoshi. Furthermore, in his comment he left on Craig’s post, he left a PGP key 0x5EC948A1.

He went on to explain that the key was signed by a man named Gavin and some other individuals. He claimed he abandoned the project to protect his life and the project.

Additionally, he has gone on to make publications on some editorials that he built the Cryptocurrency and encrypted his name in the chain.

To Wrap It Up

Craig Wright wrote to CFTC; Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the US about the management of tokens and also the Ethereum system. It looks like Craig is ready to testify under oath that he is indeed Satoshi.

Basically, the Cryptocurrency still does not believe Craig or anybody seeking to pose as Satoshi Nakamoto. To prove you are the real Satoshi, all that is needed is to bring out Satoshi’s early keys.


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