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Live In Melbourne: IBM Blockchain

It would please individuals to know that the IBM Blockchain platform is currently operating in Melbourne. In addition to this news, another platform will be built very soon in Sydney.

Through its IBM information center, the platform enables customers to operate their apps on IBM’s cloud. Customers also have to abide strictly by the information sovereignty demands.

Before the month of March ends, the platform will also be built in Sydney, as earlier stated. Meanwhile, according to Rupert Colchester; the practice leader for IBM situated in Australia, the Sydney location is basically for the purpose of redundancy and availability.

The IBM Platform

Naturally, the IBM platform is a distributed public ledger innovation. The ledgers are operating in diverse locations, and there is a reason for two of the platforms. This is due to the fact that both customers and clients in these regions want an increased availability also.

Meanwhile, the IBM platform is created at the top of HyperLedger Fabric. It is an open source Blockchain based project. It is from the Linux Foundation.

With IBM Blockchain in a country, it can only imply that data will never cross real borders. It will provide the protection demanded for increased regulated apps from the hands of financial institutions and possibly the government.

Through Big Blue, the IBM platform has been made available in diverse locations such as;

  • London
  • Toronto
  • Tokyo
  • Sao Paulo
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt, etc.

This simply shows the progress of key production projects all over the world, not forgetting Australia. Nevertheless, in Australia, the most regular use of  Blockchain is in the supply chain.

Even more, the complete supply chain in Australia is a large area of interest, topic and even activity. Without it, food cannot be monitored from its conception in a farm down to the retailers.

Judging by the words of Colchester, Blockchain is dominant in industries all over Australia. The organizations there have an understanding of the areas where Blockchain is to be implemented.

It is worthy to bite that in the financial service sphere, financial services are basically the forerunners of Blockchain implementations in the business sector. It aids in discovering the prospective implementation of computerized identity and monitoring monetary trade.

Currently, clients have awareness on the best way to apply Blockchain to problems plaguing their diverse businesses.

Therefore, having IBM in Australia quickens the designing of the Blockchain system in the country. Erecting the IBM platform in Australia shows the prospects the industry sees in the country.

To Wrap It Up

Although Australia has not specifically been high on the technological index universally, it does show something from the view of the Blockchain technology. It reveals that it is a fascinating country.

This is due to the fact that it is not so large and anything is doable. Individuals interact with one another very well. Australia basically has a powerful community of relationships in the world of business all over the economy.

However, the country is big enough to offer revenue chances for the companies located there.


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