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Latest Rising Stars Of The Crypto Sphere

In the first quarter of 2018, the prominent cryptos like Bitcoin were faced with a swift fall. However, cryptoanalysts are certain that the Cryptos that fell will eventually rise again in this year 2019.

Meanwhile, the feasibility of crypto displacing the old banking and monetary system is currently attaining its grip. This is because more crypto projects are being developed globally.

Ultimately, there are new projects that individuals are certain will rise in this year 2019 and even exceed the year without crashing.

Some Of The Rising Cryptos

Some of the Cryptocurrencies expected to create a niche for themselves like Bitcoin and Ethereum has done include;

Factom (FCT)

Factom was established in the fourth quarter of the year 2018. The company successfully identified bitcoin’s shortcomings. Bitcoin was being a realistic Blockchain for enterprise information solution.

For Factom, it focuses on turning into the highest provider of the industry’s Blockchain information source solutions. The company has gone on to discuss the complexity involved in integration and the difficulty of securing distributed files and information.

However, as a result of all this, it has made the Factom Blockchain open-source, which means that it will achieve full decentralization.

One of its partnerships is with Yooya; China’s most popular yet independent business to the business digital video system. Yooya will be powering Factom harmony platform via Wancloud.

Wancloud is Factom’s reseller situated in China. This partnership will aid in merging the Factom harmony Blockchain as a service platform within their solution. The cost of Falcon currently is $6.07 and has a market capitalization of $53,057,143.

JetCoin (JET)

A fascinating rising crypto is JetCoin. It was developed with the focus of backing upcoming talents and athletes. It provides fans with a chunk of future gains. These gains are diverse talents which they are following.

This implies that the more successful they become, the more fans of the particular talent will gain monetarily. Basically, JetCoin is a way in which both fans and investors will back diverse selected talents.

The JetCoin is partnering with Lagardere Sports Group. They will aid in advertising their brands such as designer sneakers. This will occur when thirteen English premier league matches are taking place.

They also partner with Prime Sports Rights; an Irish company. The Prime Sports Rights is to aid in representing stars in football like Manchester City and Real Madrid players such as;

  • Danilo Luiz
  • Fernadinho
  • Marcelo Vieira, etc.

JetCoin is currently sold for $0.027 with a market capitalization of $186,252. The coin has lots of positive visions and even a long term usage.

Ox (ZRX)

It is basically rated as the top and trending crypto making the buzz. Ox was initially built to be utilized in powering the decentralized exchange. However, it only backs ERC20 currently.

Though, there are rumors that it might merge into some other chains in the nearest future. While there is a possibility that lots of factors may likely drive its value, however, it may turn out also to be rated as the most valuable coin in the crypto sphere.

This would be an addition to the cryptocurrency actually. Moreover, since Ox’s advisers are connected to CoinBase, there are also stories making the rounds about that.

There are rumors that Ox will be joined to CoinBase before it turns out to be a reality. This is because CoinBase enables users to purchase and trade ZRX. Ox is currently priced at $0.237360 with its market capitalization at $138,631,058.


Basically, the key aim of these cryptocurrencies is to offer advanced technology that boosts the swift, dependable and continuous exchange of information within members. They each have positive visions according to cryptoanalysts and can be used for the long term.


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