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San Francisco-based crypto exchanges, Kraken to begin operation in Australia

San Francisco-based exchange is opening up in Australia, giving hopes of many more AUD pairs. This expansion is via the acquisition of a domestic crypto exchange.

Measured by liquidity, CoinMarketCap’s new metric to ‘derank’ wash trading exchanges, Kraken is only just behind HitBTC, Bitfinex, Binance, and Huobi. But assessed by reported volume, it’s at Number 62.

Kraken is making the move by obtaining one of Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency services, Bit Trade.

Kraken offers 32 cryptocurrencies

At the moment, Bit Trade offers Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar Lumens, but there are aspirations the acquisition will usher additional pairs as Kraken has 32 cryptocurrencies on its books.

Kraken has taken onboard the entire Bit Trade team including Managing Director, Jonathon Miller. Bit Trade was founded in 2013 by Ronald M Tucker.

It is one of the founding fellows of the Australian Digital Commerce Association, now referred to as Blockchain Australia.

Bit Trade decrees itself as a multi-exchange aggregator that carries the order books from multiple exchanges and integrates them into one stream to give the nicest rates.

Kraken’s declaration says it strives to become the premier crypto service in Australia with the nicest AUD liquidity, trading background, and backing for both institutional and retail clients.

Kraken lately received the Circle Trade desk which is one of five recent gains.

It also announced it will propose one of the largest OTC trading desks in the country for organizations and rich customers to purchase huge sums without issues.

Acquisition is our crowning accomplishment

According to co-founder Jonathon Miller, Bit Trade was founded not long before Mt Gox crumbled.

He added that in 2013, it was obvious that there was no powerful, local market for cryptocurrency and the only alternative was to deliver money offshore and deal with hazardous foreign trades.

A lot of them were harmed by the fall of Mt. Gox. Then Bit Trade was initiated to allow the procedure to be simpler, cautious and inexpensive for investors and other enthusiastic groups.

“It has been a crazy journey, but it is safe to say that our crowning achievement is our most current acquisition by Kraken, a brand and product we have long cherished.”

Miller stated that because there are various bad players in the business, it is crucial to create dignity among customers and Kraken remains one of the most trusted exchanges in the space.

“We are extremely delighted at the possibility of helping Kraken thrive its existence in APAC and helping to check the rising need globally for institutional-grade cryptocurrency platforms and services.”


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