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John McAfee And His Love For Tron’s New Project

Tron’s creator; Justin Sun, never misses an opportunity to remind the Cryptocurrency sphere that Tron has been doing great and bursting with new developments. This pertains to the number of platforms that are currently being created on its protocol.

The speed of BitTorrent is moving gradually, and it is expected to deliver thousands if not millions of Cryptocurrency newbies into the world of Blockchain. As BTT continues to be listed among so many exchanges, Tron’s dApp numbers continue to rise.

Additionally, the modernization of the hard fork is expected to boost the operation and security of Tron. Generally, so many exciting yet affirmative advancements have been flowing in and out of the Tron sphere these days.

As for the Cryptocurrency community, they can now be shocked to see that Tron is basically doing great for itself and creating lots of legal projects.

John McAfee’s Thoughts On The New Project

In light of this, a popular figure in the digital currency sphere; John McAfee also broadcasted what he feels about a venture of Tron’s specifically. He spoke genuinely about his love for Justin Sun’s concept.

This concept is none other than VibraVid. It is basically a decentralized platform for the sharing of contents. It is currently being worked on and not launched yet.

John stated that he is awed by the capabilities given to creators and artists when they make use of a decentralized platform.

Furthermore, he went on to say that those who were staunch followers of his activities on Twitter, seeing his tweets and watching his videos will know something about him. It is evident from his activities that he is a big fan of music.

He claims to be extremely enthusiastic about underground music also. And for him, the BeatzCoin will provide the artist with management and control over their own creation just as it is meant to be.

According to him, the entire idea gives the power of music back to the right hand; the artist responsible for the wonderful content.

About VibraVid

VibraVid aims to be the ultimate decentralized answer to the music industry big shots such as YouTube. Its new model will switch the monetization of contents totally upside down.

However, using an economy that is strengthened by BeatzCoin or rather BTZC plus a decentralized platform, the content creator, i.e., the artist and the consumers will both benefit from it all.

This is because contents will be given straight to the artists and they, in turn, give it to the users. VibraVid focuses on providing musicians with a method of storing, marketing, renting, trading and uploading their content to diverse users.

The Cryptocurrency that will fuel this platform is known as BeatzCoin. Artistes and users will exchange BeatzCoin on VibraVid to get videos, songs and any other type of Computerized content.

To Wrap It Up

You should note that this is clearly another way in which Tron is broadening its usage. And, it is gradually increasing daily.

Even more, the TronBet is currently the number one decentralized application all over platforms.


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