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John Carvalho challenges Roger Ver to a fight for the Bitcoin.com domain

The infamous domain Bitcoin.com is once again in the midst of a crypto drama. John Carvalho, best known in the Bitcoin community as the ever-cynical and brutally honest Bitcoin Error Log, has challenged BCH leader Roger Ver to a fight for “the biggest prize in crypto”. While the stipulations regarding the duel are still unclear and the prized possession that Mr. Carvalho puts on the line is yet to be determined, those of us who watch the events unfold can only reaffirm that there’s never a boring day in crypto.

This wouldn’t be the first time the two gentlemen face off, but there’s a chance that we might witness a battle that goes beyond the realm of intellectual debate on Bitcoin scalability. As he revealed in his official interview for Crypto Insider, Mr. Carvalho is even willing to accept a jiu-jitsu challenge at a disadvantaged position (Mr. Ver is known for his brown belt in this branch of martial arts).

We can only hope that the cause doesn’t generate a bloody event which takes us back to the days of gladiators – maybe that a game of chess would suffice?

ALRIGHT PEOPLE! I have challenged @rogerkver to a duel for the biggest prize in crypto, https://t.co/h2gLo9ePtU, and he is interested! What do you want for the format? What should I put at stake?! https://t.co/rVUDd92Gqi

— John Carvalho (@BitcoinErrorLog) January 16, 2019

The Legend of Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com has received a lot of criticism for pushing Bitcoin Cash (the first major hard fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain, which aims to scale through big blocks) and confusing newcomers with the “BCH is Bitcoin narrative”. This ambiguation of the brand was backed by many industry heavyweights such as Gavin Andresen and Jihan Wu, but their tactics and actions were condemned by a large majority of the original community members (the so-called “Bitcoin Core” group) for being a social attack against the Bitcoin project.

The Infamous John Carvalho Interview With Roger Ver

Now John Carvalho, who has previously pushed Roger Ver’s nerves to the limit in a now-infamous interview, has decided to start a quest to bring Bitcoin.com back to the righteous side. The challenge was launched through Peter McCormack’s “What Bitcoin Did?” podcast, as both men were interviewed in the same show, but on different days. Mr. Carvalho, who happened to be the first guest, suggested to Mr. McCormack that he push forward this challenge for the Bitcoin.com domain.

When Mr. Ver‘s turn came to join the show, he said that he “was interested” in the proposal, but the challenge would have to take place under terms with which he would agree. At press time, the podcast episode wasn’t published yet, but more details about the reply will follow in the coming days. So far, we only have a confirmation from show host Peter McCormack, who tweeted the following:

I interviewed Roger again. I guess you’ll @ me anyway.

One thing that came out of this is @BitcoinErrorLog has offered to fight @rogerkver for the https://t.co/1Yd3cFyfNv domain. Roger is interested, terms, format and rules to be agreed. True story.

Bitcoin deathmatch anyone?

— Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) January 16, 2019

An attempt which seemed unlikely to succeed seems to have captured the imagination of the crypto-sphere and grown into an incredible phenomenon. If you’re interested in finding out more from John Carvalho’s side, watch the exclusive interview that Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea has recorded. Furthermore, stay tuned for more details about this strange occurrence which has the potential to turn Bitcoin.com into a Bitcoin.org redirect.


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