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IOST Price Predictions For 2019

The IOST platform is rated among the top Cryptocurrencies available in the marketplace currently. The platform has gained positive reviews from professional analysts due to its technology.

However, the IOST platform has continued to update itself. The platform is expected to rise from testing to a main net debut in the second quarter of the year 2019.

Moreover, it is among the few startups of the ICO (initial coin offering) surge of the years 2018 and 2017.

The IOST Platform

It was created due to the high demand for a large operation in the Blockchain technology. Currently, blockchain technology can be referred to as a well built technological player.

It has done well as both an underlying foundation for the Cryptocurrencies of today and as a developed online solution. While creators, investors and even traders are seeking for ideal operation, IOST may be the solution.

These developers, investors and traders alike are seeking for swift transactions, high volatility and an interface that is basically friendly. IOST platform is backed by a qualified group of blockchain professionals.

They are people with lots of experiences. Additionally, the platform has been able to create a niche for itself by keeping its promise. Overall, the platform is neat, innovative and highly useful.

In the same vein, IOST platform offers transparent interaction; it makes sure all the updates are known to the stakeholders. These updates are;  

  • Achievements
  • Aims and objectives
  • Risks
  • Prospective obstacles and hurdles etc

Meanwhile, the platform has been able to survive even the bear market of 2018. This bear market eliminated Cryptocurrencies that were doing better than IOST.

IOST Predictions

For 2019, the platform closed the year 2018 on a low note, but it has increased in the first quarter of 2019. Though the platform is not the leading Cryptocurrency in the market, its 50th position has gotten lots of attention.

With the 2019 events such as EDS and PoB testing scheduled for the second quarter of 2019, plus the debut of IOS smart contract and HUDS by the end of the year, there will be a 50% surge in IOST price.

For 2020, the price of IOST is expected to reach $0.10 or even higher. Basically, the IOST token has a special value in the larger marketplace.

However, if the platform is accepted by centralized businesses who need decentralized solutions, the price of IOST will massively increase.

 It should be noted that, even though IOST is predicted to have a positive increase in its movements, the bear market has not finished.

For the next five years, the prospects of IOST price rising is rapid. It could reach $0.025 to USD 0.25. This is likely to happen if IOST continues to be backed by Blockchain professionals and even investors.

However, the debut of its mainnet will bring about powerful returns in the long run. IOST is practically set for a sustainable increase.

To Wrap It Up

IOST’s market capitalization is roughly $80 million. In situations whereby other tokens decreased or continue to hit a downturn, IOST platform has continued soaring to almost 100%. It made moves from $0.003 to $0.007 in the space of two months.


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