IEX -Internal Exchange Coin

According to the analysis of trading data on the LocalBitcoins platform, bitcoin trading is especially popular in emerging economies. This suggests that the cryptocurrency technology works as it should: the most disadvantaged people for the first time in history have access to the digital financial system and a reliable means of accumulating value.

The first reason why on which we do DEX version LocalBitcoins on IEX is that, unlike other platforms with low fees or without them at all, trading bitcoin on LocalBitcoins is costly. On average, bitcoin is traded on LocalBitcoins with an average “premium” of 4.5% to the global spot price in dollars, and the difference between supply and demand is often significant, especially in developing countries. Secondly, unlike exchanges that publish large volumes of exchange between cryptocurrencies, almost all transactions on LocalBitcoins are from Fiat currency to digital, or Vice versa. Together, these circumstances make it possible to substantiate the argument that, compared to other platforms, fewer traders use LocalBitcoins for speculation

In addition, since trading on the platform LocalBitcoins is denominated in more than 150 national currencies, the data on the activity on the platform can shed light on which regions of the world demand for bitcoin increases, and in which it does not. Our task is to add the maximum set of Fiat currencies for different countries for Trade P2P part in IEX LIGHT & DARK.”

As a potential IEX Trade system, it should be said that the volume of trading on LocalBitcoins in 2018 amounted to 440 thousand bitcoins, which is equivalent to $3.1 billion.

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