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How Long Until TRONs Hype Train Leaves The Station

Even when the rest of the market was down and out, the team at TRON have been making announcements with great news since the start of the year which has had a significant impact on their TRX token to stay in the green.

On the rating of the top ten cryptocurrencies, TRON has scaled the rating according to CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency is no longer on the edge of not being a top ten crypto as it is now in eighth, taking over Stellar and Bitcoin SV.

Why the sudden surge?

The TRON network has seen a massive influx of dApps moving to their network with six of them being rated in the top ten. The offer of no fees and higher TPS has been an impressive offer to creators of dApps who are done with the congestion on Ethereum.

This isn’t all of what TRON seems to be offering though as with their recently bought out BitTorrent platform providing live streaming to rival both YouTube and Twitch, TRON is well and truly on their way to bigger things. The BTT token will run on the TRON network with holders of the TRX token receiving an airdrop which started earlier this week on 28th January. The airdrops will continue every month after on the 6th.

How long will the hype train stick around?

TRON is like a 90s boy band, in the sense that there are superfans everywhere. There is a huge deal of support on Reddit, Twitter and Telegram. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun is always tweeting about news that comes out of TRON which causes hype in the fanbase.

There is a sort of hype train associated with TRON and with their BitTorrent token selling out with quarter of an hour on the Binance Launchpad, over $7 million dollars were raised and more than 50 Billion tokens were sold.

There was also a lot of negativity around the project when it first started with a lot of people calling it a scam but there were a lot of people who called it a scam but so many people have now changed their minds in regards to the TRON project. Even the highly regarded Weiss Crypto ratings took back their words saying, “TRON is the only top-10 project that spends more time and resources promoting itself than on creating new #blockchain technology. This makes it stand out, but maybe not for the right reasons.”


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