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Google Announces Bitcoin Keyboard Currency Symbol

Google developers made a shocking move, and we are here for it. The news centers on the developers of Google adding the Bitcoin symbol to its iOS keyboard. A move such as this by a highly successful company simply shows bitcoin’s mainstream course.

Is It A Love Story?

While the bitcoin’s symbol has been deployed in shortcut applications to help Siri with its command operations, on the iOS devices, Apple’s keyboard does not have this function.

To generate this key manually, a Reddit user has shown other users the way. He simply mentioned that to produce the key, users should point the Unicode code to U+20BF.

For those on Linux, it includes pushing the Ctrl-Shift-U, releasing it and further typing 20BF or 20bf. This is because the caps do not actually matter. As for Windows, another user showed why an Android symbol would be a welcoming idea.

The registry on Windows will first be edited. And, to allow a general input technique, string types (REG_SZ) can be added to the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method. Furthermore, the value data 1 can be added to it.

All users will need to do is to log off or log in on either windows 8.1 or windows 8.0 or even windows 7. It could even be Vista, and then they reboot on earlier networks after they are done editing the registry. This would enable to input method to work.

Also holding the ALT button and inputting +20BF will give ₿. No one knows why Google decided to add Bitcoin symbol to the user interface of apple and not on Android yet.

Apple Versus Andriod

While the confidentiality of Apple is nice for users of Bitcoin, its wallet gobbling on the proprietary software of Bitcoin is contrasting with the one of Bitcoin and even Google. This means its open source nature.

Although individuals that are conscious of their privacy are going for Android over iOS, it is quite ironic that the Bitcoin symbol is available strictly on iOS.

Much more ironic is that the majority of the iOS users are quick to use Apple keyboard as it is opposed to Google’s version.

Brand Recognition To A Possible Brand Adoption

Google’s addition of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency symbol to iOS keyboard points in the direction of brand recognition. Especially, if brand recognition means wide acceptance at the mainstream.

This Bitcoin symbol that is featured on Google’s keyboard stands alongside currencies such as;

  • Yen
  • Korean Won
  • Indian rupees
  • Russian Ruble
  • Euro
  • And Cent symbol

Google’s technological conglomerate once mentioned that it failed to stand on the edge of Blockchain and now they are finally on the side of the technology. They claim that their parent’s company, Alphabet is going Bitcoin and may add the whole Cryptocurrency.

However, between the years 2012-2017, Google came second as an active corporate investor in the Blockchain sphere. There have also been rumors that Google might create a Cryptocurrency of their own, but that seems unlikely.

To Wrap It Up

Generally, such an addition simply implies that Google is not ignoring the cryptocurrency sphere, but this news may not be a sign of Alphabet’s move into the Cryptocurrency space.

However, time with surely tell exactly what such a move will have on active iOS users in the long run. We might see an addition for Android users also.


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