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Former MMA Fighter calls XRP a scam

Despite athletes’ involvement in virtual currencies and the potentials in cryptocurrency, a former MMA and UFC fighter, Ben Askren has labeled XRP of being a scam.

The UFC fighter disclosed this in his official twitter account, however, he has support for Litecoin and Bitcoin.

The former MMA acquisition labeling XRP a ‘scam’ came after Former baseball player Jose Canseco got Bitcoin spectacularly wrong last year when he said BTC “has the same structure as any pyramid scheme but controlled by one individual.”

Askren is a proponent in Bitcoin and Litecoin. He promoted both coins on his latest cryptocurrency podcast.

According to Askren’s post where he said, “I think XRP is a scam” poised a lot of concern since he didn’t go into detail reasons why he thinks and admits XRP is a scam which he was very brief and concise about.

Though, ZRP has not had an easy time recently, most especially facing a class-action lawsuit filed by Ripple against the unregistered sale of securities. The value of XRP has dropped from US$0.381 on January 30, 2019, to $0.245 today. By comparison, Bitcoin has risen from $3,459 on January 31, 2019, to $9,497 today.

Askren’s tweet has since caused reactions and mixed feelings from different people. Quite a number of people agreed with his statement while some people pointed to the fact that the fighter holds the record in UFC of being knocked out in the fastest seconds(five seconds).

Askren who is known as “Funky” due to his unorthodox wrestling style in his past records had an extremely successful collection career winning 153 to only 8 lose.

He wrestled in the 2008 Summer Olympics but with no medal. He went on to fight in the MMA, Bellator Fighting Championships, One Championship, and UFC before retiring in November 2019.

Meanwhile, Tech Maverick John McAfee tweeted that Bitcoin is the true snitching due to it being old. While Askren promoting the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, the tech maverick said Bitcoin has no security alongside with no smart contract and DAPS.

John is quoted to have predicted that Bitcoin would hit a million dollars by the end of 2020. This statement triggered a lot of reactions from twitter users, however, he replied saying “Yes, I said Bitcoin would hit a million (making it bigger than the GNP of all of North America for Christ sake – learn to multiply). I simultaneously said I fucked whales and invested in a company testing Zombie intelligence! As a clue. 50% believed the whale thing. Wake up!


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