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EOS Price Stays Bearish as Erroneous Whale Alert Ignites Confusion

With the new week comes lots of bearish market pressure to revolve around the digital currency industry. While it is common to have some little expectations about this, it is quite clear that there will be obstacles to face and finally overcome.

Currently, the price of EOS is faced with the highest pressure among the top five. Although the losses they are currently gaining are not so worrisome, things are however not looking great for the Cryptocurrency also.

Price Of EOS Resumes Its Bearish Trend

Although the globe’s leading virtual currency can be said not to be losing so much in its worth, it is also clear that there is a lot of bearish pressure to actually be alert on.

In the aspect where the top five markets are basically concerned, the losses are rising quite swiftly. Thus, EOS is a very good example. This is because it has lost it’s most value amount the top five currencies.

Meanwhile, the loss has to be refined a little because the main reduction is not really steep. Within the last day, it is clear that the price of EOS has reduced by about 2.1% in its dollar value.

Furthermore, this negativity had driven the price lower to $3.64. However, it is really something to be worried about. About EOS or BTC, everything is not feeling so perfect due to a 1.78% decline.

Moreover, the 92700 Satoshi stage looks like what may hold for maybe another 24 hours. However, it will not be additional pressure to destroy the support level.

Meanwhile, the excitement or advancement affecting individual virtual currency projects never falls short on social media.

Whale Alert

The whale Alert is an intriguing albeit exciting Twitter account on the social media platform that Cryptocurrency users usually keep their eyes on. However, its last message has ignited confusion.

This confusion stems from the fact that the account has claimed that one trillion EOS was sent from a yet to be known wallet to another unknown wallet.

However, the transaction is said to be nonexistent. Plus, it also surpasses the overall supply of EOS by a factor of 100. Additionally, the news reported claims that there is a chance an intriguing collaboration might come up between Wanchain and EOS.

Specifically, WanChain team has confirmed that the newest chain bridge will be made known soon. Even though, nobody knows if there will be a tapping of the project. Nevertheless, EOS is a prospective candidate.

To Sum It Up

Basically for a long time now, there has been arbitrage chances that could be taken advantage of. For EOS, there are some fascinating price gaps between some of the largest virtual currency exchanges.

Simply put, this will enable prospective profits of about 1.58%, and this is clearly not a bad idea. And, even though EOS value was to turn up more in the bearish trend, the gaps will like to stay in a place for a long while.


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