Enjin coin Crypto Rises About 70% on Samsung Partnership Confirmation

The prominent gaming Cryptocurrency that is simply known as Enjin Coin (ENJ) has surged upwards. According to the news reported in the early hours of today, the coin went up about seventy percent.

Also, it has gotten a partnership with Samsung; a highly famous South Korean’s technology giant. Enjin is a company based in Singapore and the brains behind ENJ; Enjin’s coin.

Basically, immediately diverse media outlets published and confirmed this partnership between Enjin and s10; Samsung’s flagship smartphone, it sparked the interest of lots of investors in Korea, and they jumped on the wagon.

Meanwhile, CoinDesk reached out to Enjin for comments about the news making the round. The company was glad to confirm its partnership with Samsung electronics but refused to give more details about this partnership.

Meanwhile, in the later parts of February, the Samsung s10 was launched in MWC Barcelona, 2019 and alongside its launch, the phone’s Blockchain key store components were revealed.

Furthermore, this practically entails the phone housing private keys to digital currency assets. This is the specific function that has driven the attention to the flagship device’s forecasted reach of about forty-five million users in 2019 alone.

At the time of the launch of Blockchain technology’s key store, the company also revealed a photo that included the prominent logo of Enjin Cryptocurrency gaming platform.

With this revelation, so many individuals and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike began speculating and discussing the possibility of the Enjin Cryptocurrency wallet been merged with Samsung’s Blockchain key store in the flagship s10.

Enjin’s Coin

The coin built by Enjin, popularly known as ENJ is a digital currency created for digital goods and products. These goods are actually in-game items. They can be traded, exchanged and swapped across diverse platforms.

All these are executed with the prospect to build a completely new in-game, E-commerce community using a token based off the Ethereum Blockchain. This token is none other than ERC-1155.

The Beginning

Before the news was finally out in the open, the rumors were already circulated as of February 25th. The rumor started after people saw a photo linked to Samsung’s Blockchain key store.

Added to it was a leaked video that featured the logo of Enjin at Samsung’s mobile business development summit.

Subsequently, with these rumors and leaked videos, the price action led to a lot of speculations. Then, investors decided to jump on the advantage of this bullish publication.

To Wrap It Up

While the rumors and leaked videos were making the rounds, other individuals were giving speculations on the price of ENJ. All these ignited a frenzy of the interest of self-perpetuating investors.

The coin surged upwards to about 206 percent compared to its 116 percent just the previous day.

On March 5th, ENJ went through another key spike when they made it known to the public that their Blockchain SDK; Software Development Kit was due to be debuted on the 14th of March.

This announcement aided in the close out of its price to about 27.5 percent higher. And, on March 8, it rose tremendously to 76.1 percent within a day.


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