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Dove Wallet users can now acquire Crypto with credit card

Dove Wallet users can now buy cryptocurrencies promptly using credit cards.

Childly, a blockchain finance startup declared the introduction of credit card payment service for its global crypto wallet service “Dove Wallet”.

This will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly on its outlet.

Partnering with Simplex, the market-leading fiat infrastructure for crypto, the payment service is now supporting the credit card acquisition in USD and EUR for bitcoin(BTC), bitcoin cash(BCH), litecoin(LTC), ethereum(ETH), within the folder.

“Easier than ever before, with an easy and safe means to purchase crypto, the Wallet’s new built-in payment feature will help enhance the accessibility of crypto to users of any level at no risk,” said Euntai Kim, CEO of Childly.

Dove Wallet attempts to allow users to understand and easily access the cryptocurrency market in a secure environment.

Community-focused and flexible to a wide range of customers, ‘Dove Wallet’ has become more alluring to international users, with a rate of over 95 percent.

What Childly is about

Established in Seoul, Korea, with its headquarters there as well, childly is a crypto finance startup that gives digital asset distribution services, ‘Mining Pool Hub(miningpoolhub.com)’ and global crypto wallet service ‘Dove Wallet(dovewallet.com).’

Childly had in 2019, launched crypto wallet service.

Other features of Dove Wallet

Dove Wallet gives cryptocurrency trading markets, and transfer service currently.

The Wallet also dispenses daily bonuses according to the user’s total balance and trading volume, so when market volume rises, the bonus will rise too.

An interesting feature of the Wallet is the N: N multi-order book. With the N: N multi-order book, a user can do a currency-exchange of an alt-coin to alt-coin directly.

This is where the N: N feature shines as any coin other than BTC can be a key currency in the conversion.

These characteristics will help eliminate the hassle for multi-step exchanges to get their desired coin.

It also enables the crypto-market breakaway from its exaggerated reliance on huge coins like BTC.


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