Delta Exchange: How To Trade Bitcoin Futures With 100x leverage

Crypto has been the talk of the town over the last couple of years. Over the years, with its volatile movements in prices, it has turned out to be an asset worth trading and has made fortunes of many traders.

With overall growth of crypto markets, interest in crypto derivatives has also grown. Bitmex used to be the go to place for many crypto derivatives traders, but in the last 1 year industry has seen rise of some good derivative platforms. Leading the way is Delta Exchange, slowly growing in popularity, the company is now turning the heat on for other players in the market.

Delta Exchange Overview

Delta exchange allows you to trade crypto derivatives with upto 100x leverage. Delta exchange was launched in 2018, has seen steady growth in trading volumes since then clocking in ~1 Million USD daily. Currently, Delta offers futures on BTC, ETH, XRP & XLM.

Delta exchange founding team consists of experienced professional from both fintech and technology domain. The mentor team of Delta Exchange looks rock solid and consists of Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, who is also an advisor to Stellar Lumens. Stani Kulechov, CEO of ETHLend, is also on the advisory board of Delta Exchange.

Top Features:

  • Mock Trading Platform
  • Stablecoin Settled Futures
  • 100x Leverage
  • 24X7 Liquidity
  • Safe & Secure with fast APIs

How To Sign-up

Signing up on Delta Exchange is really easy. You just need to input your name and email to get started on Delta. Follow this link for sign-up.

Once you sign-up using the link above, you will receive an email from Delta Exchange. Click the link in the mail to verify your account. And that’s it, you are good to go!

You need to deposit BTC to your Delta wallet in order to start trading.

How To Deposit/Withdraw BTC

Delta Exchange currently supports only BTC deposits & withdrawals. Once you have signed up, you can login to trading terminal of Delta Exchange. Follow this link for login.

On trading terminal, you will have to navigate to “Account” section in order to find your BTC deposit address.

  • Open “Account” from navigation drawer
  • Under “Account” section → Open “Deposits”/”Withdrawals” tab
  • In “Deposits” tab → Find BTC deposit address to make the deposit
  • In “Withdrawals” tab → Make withdrawals to the desired BTC address

Note: Withdrawals on Delta Exchange are processed with manual review once every 24 hours , between 12pm – 3pm UTC.

How To Trade On Delta Exchange

Once you have deposited BTC to your Delta wallet, you can start trading on Delta exchange.

Trading Pairs On Delta Exchange (Margined In BTC):

BTC-USD: Quoted in USD & margined in BTC | 100x leverage (Bitcoin Futures Guide)

XLM-USD: Quoted in BTC & margined in BTC | 20x leverage (Stellar Futures Guide)

Delta exchange recently launched Quanto futures. These quanto futures are settled and margined in Stablecoin i.e USDC. The idea behind this was to reduce the risk on the price volatility of BTC. The USDC-USD conversion rate always remains pegged at 1 USD during the life of the trade.

In order to trade, Quanto futures, you need to have USDC. You can convert BTC to USDC using their currency converter. The conversion rates are taken from Binance.

Trading Pairs On Delta Exchange (Margined In USDC):

BTC-USDQ: Quoted in USD & margined in USDC | 100x leverage (Bitcoin Quanto Futures Guide)

ETH-USDQ: Quoted in USD & margined in USDC | 50x leverage (Ether Futures Guide)

XRP-USDQ: Quoted in USD & margined in USDC | 50x leverage (Ripple Futures Guide)

Trading On Delta Exchange:

  • After you login to trading terminal, you will find a dropdown on the top left to choose the contract you want to trade in.
  • Trading terminal has all the other required data like technical charts, order books, bids and asks.
  • You can select the desired contract, and start trading.

Delta Exchange Referral Program & Offers:

  • In order to acquire more users, Delta exchange offers by far the best referral program as per industry standards. The referrer gets 25% for 1 year and 10% for lifetime on commissions of all your referrals. The referred user gets 15% rebate on trading for 6 months.
  • Delta exchange is currently running 100% first deposit match bonus offer. In this, they match your first deposit 1-for-1 upto 0.01 BTC.


We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is still in nascent stages of growth and the crypto derivatives market will grow and mature with time. Delta exchange has made huge strides in the last 1 year after their launch. The platform looks great with some awesome features in pipeline and the support staff have been very helpful for traders. The next bull run will see Delta exchange in headlines around the world!


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