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Cryptocurrency Phone Maker’s Plans For Banking

It is already widely broadcasted that Sikur; a security based company is debuting its very own mobile banking platform. Its Android app store will be launched also.

While the transformation for mobile banking is already building up, an issue in the minds of individuals is if the mobile applications can be trusted. Lots of phone owners have not found the answer to this question.

For Sikur, they have launched their mobile banking platform at the Mobile World Congress. It was launched in Barcelona. For those unaware of what Sikur is, Sikur is a company that focuses on creating phones that are based on security.

Sikur has also taken the step to change the looming question on our minds pertaining to the trustworthiness of mobile banking apps.

The Platform

This new platform was built to merge every user-friendly area of computerized banking applications that have already been established on the market. Also, they are applications whose security components are premium.

Additionally, Sikur aims to utilize its security expertise to safeguard users from the known weaknesses of the payment applications. And also the point of sale information breaches that have majorly plagued companies. This issue has also affected Ticketmaster and British Airways. Back in the year 2018, the analysts that were from Juniper Research gave their prediction.

This prediction was that about two billion individuals or roughly forty percent of the universal population will be making use of mobile banking as the year draws to an end.

Also, this predicted number involves individuals that utilize computerized tools offered by their banks. An example of this tool is Monzo. Monzo has rapidly increased its prominence in the United Kingdom and will launch cards in the United States soon.

Sikur Journey So Far

According to the CEO of Sikur, individuals are transferring from the regular banks to a platform like this. Moreover, anyone can simply open an account and carry out every transaction just as they would do in the regular banks.

At a time in the past, Sikur focused majorly on creating its very own devices, regulating and managing both software and hardware. This was done to provide a complete locked down experience for its customers.

As a matter of fact, during the 2018 Mobile World Congress, they debuted a phone that cannot be hacked. This phone also had its own Cryptocurrency wallet attached to it.

Sikur showed the world that it could equip other phones with the same security level and so it attached the Sikur OS on two phones created by Sony.

Currently, Sikur wants to offer phone users all over the globe with an easy access to the protective technology they are widely known for. And so, the first step is to create the Sikur Bank with hopes that it would be given to phone users via partnerships with some of the carriers.

Additionally, Sikur’s second step is by bringing in a much more protective experience to phones via the Sikur Application store.

Also, with the recorded problems of downloading apps from the Google play store, Sikur is creating a store where every security Validation will be executed before broadcasting them to the world.

To Wrap It Up

With the Sikur SDK, customers will be allowed to build their very own Siloed application stores and even fill them up with pre selected applications. These applications will be screened by Sikur.

Moreover, the customer base is basically businesses and governments and barely individual phone users. This is because these sectors are ready to protect the devices of their staff.


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