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Crypto videos ban, an in error ― Youtube

After managing to piss off major players and crypto influencers by deleting crypto video contents on their site, Youtube has come out to say the video delete was an “in error.”

The Internet giant revealed on Thursday, that the sites have since been put back online. However, a quick check on these pages indicated that none had been restored.

Major Youtube crypto influencers like Chico Crypto’s, Chris Dunn’s, Ivan on Tech among others where major influencers whose page had all crypto video contents deleted.

Alongside deleting contents on these influencers’ sites, they were issued with community guideline strikes which judged their videos as “harmful or dangerous content”.

The action of the internet giant on these influencers elucidated rage and several negative reactions from them as they are already seeking alternative options to Youtube to feature their contents.

In handling these deletes, an unidentified Youtube spokesman said, with the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call.

The spokesman added that there has been no change in its policies vis a vis crypto and that all affected videos were “reinstated” without “any penalty to the channel.”

According to report, it all started on Monday, 23rd, Dec. when Several Youtube crypto influencers were issued with community guideline strikes which judged their videos as “harmful or dangerous content”.

Following the strikes, the Youtube team had several videos relating to cryptocurrency deleted from crypto influencers’ site.

Several reports had it that the removals were an accident and that content has since been restored.

However, major channels like Ivan on Tech still claimed to be in the dark about the issue as their team in an announcement said they are looking into it and would give answers soon.

After several contents were pulled down, crypto influencers had to take their rage to Twitter asking questions as to what is happening.

Other influencers used the popular social medium to vent their displeasure regarding the development.

While YouTube claimed that all affected videos had been reinstated, it appears that this isn’t the case.

A quick check on Thursday indicated that none had yet been restored.

Youtube Pages of influencers like DataDash, Ivan on Tech, Sunny Decree and Boxmining that had their videos removed were still empty.

The only video left on any of the four YouTube channels was Sunny Decree’s video made two days ago, called, “EMERGENCY: COORDINATED ATTACK AGAINST BITCOIN & CRYPTO!!!.


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