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Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) – October 15-16, 2019

Date: October 15 & 16, 2019
Website: Visit website
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center

The Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) is one of the biggest expo and conference which shines its light specifically on blockchain technologies, developers behind the different applications on blockchain technology. It also focuses on investors and entrepreneurs dealing specifically with blockchain technology. This conference is a high impact project which brings innovation, information and well-curated thought-provoking strings of events together in one conference.

The Crypto Invest Summit of 2019 is an exclusive event put together by some of the foremost innovators and developers making prominent changes in the blockchain technology ecosystem. This is one of those conferences that you cannot afford to miss. With a well thought about the structured event, this conference is bringing together four stages with great presentations. These stages will feature insightful hat sessions with numerous accomplished personalities and industry leaders and speakers.

This event also brings together an array of personalities with different skill sets and solutions that are industry-relevant. There is nothing compared to the opportunity to network and meet industry leaders in-person to discuss solutions in the ecosystem. This is, of course, spread across the top-tier business and industry solution leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem.

Why You Should Attend CIS 2019

Without any iota of doubt, there are numerous reasons why you should be in attendance for this edition of the CIS crypto conference event 2019. Some of the reasons why you should be in attendance include

  • Attendees are among the top innovators in not just blockchain technology alone but also investors and innovative solution providers
  • Learn from the best and most successful entrepreneur in the question and answer sessions
  • Top cream of the crypto and blockchain companies and solution service providers are going to be present. It provides an avenue to network
  • Opportunity to pitch your solution to the people present and get feedback
  • Strong focus on investor, including partnerships with world-leading funds, which will also be presenting.

Attending CIS 2019 conference

Some of the people you can look forward to seeing in this conference include

  • Robert Masiello – Industrial capital
  • Nico Santini – Avon Ridge Capital
  • Troy Heffner – Blockchain Guys
  • Don Weidner – Formidable ventures
  • Nick Casares – Polyient Labs
  • Kelly Eginton – Brave/BAT
  • Wellington Lara – WE INC
  • Steve Wand – Nova Token
  • Adam Spar – Blockchain at UCLA
  • Uddeshya Kumar – UCI
  • Andy Etemadi – EYEMAGINE

Topics to be Discussed

The interesting and though disruptive topics to be discussed during this event revolves around the following.

  • Blockchain
  • Security Tokens
  • Utility Tokens
  • Healthcare
  • Developers

Wrap up

The Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) conference 2019 promises to be bigger and better than the 2018 version. CIS 2018 recorded over 6100 attendees from six different continents with over 2000 accredited investors. With the goal to always surpass the previous achievement, CIS 2019 conference is offering so much more.


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