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Some 10 years ago, blockchain and cryptocurrency got introduced to us, and while these technologies were met with a lot of resistance, it is amazing to see how they have been able to surmount the challenges they faced at the beginning, and have grown to become one of the most talked about emerging technologies. After blockchain was introduced, developers saw that there was more to the blockchain than just a backing for cryptocurrencies, and that has led to the development of a plethora of blockchain-based businesses and platforms. It may interest you to know that despite the discoveries, developers say they have barely scratched the surface about the abilities of the tech.

Bitcoin and the Rise of Counos

When Bitcoin was created, it was intended to function as a way to give people economic independence, considering the fact that at the time, there was a lot financial unrest within the financial industry, and the customers were the worst hit. However, with the increased exposure and interest in the coin, the value soon began to appreciate, and thus it has grown to become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies to invest in.

It is important to note that Bitcoin’s fast growth has different factors responsible for it, and these factors include:

  • Fixed number of coins (21 million BTC)
  • More interest from businesses, companies, users, and crypto investors
  • Unprecedented increase in value.

While economic independence was the aim via the battle against a centralized financial system, it is important to note that the success of Bitcoin is due the fact that majority of the investors are people and companies that have invested heavily in the cryptocurrency, hence, the trades with huge volumes are limited to a select few in the bitcoin community. According to different researches carried out by crypto analysts, there is a problem with the decentralized protocol of Bitcoin, and invariably does not completely solve the monopolistic system of the financial industry with regards to online financial transactions and trades.

Counos is a blockchain-based platform that intends to solve the shortcomings of Bitcoin, and it is doing it in a unique way, because the platform is coming up with an amazing strategy that will combine the strengths behind the cryptocurrencies that are successful. If you go through the www.counos.io website, the Counos coin is intended to get a public distribution that will see users getting the coins after they have registered on the platform and gotten the platform’s wallet. It may interest you to know that Counos has some notable similarities with Bitcoin, as the total number of coins that will be mined is 21 million, and the reason why there are limitations on the minting of the coin is due the fact that it is a good way to propagate an anti-inflation system, and thus be able to have a coin growth system that is balanced.

Counos has everything in place to prepare the coin for an unprecedented growth just like Bitcoin’s, and the free public offerings are a good way to implement a favorable growth system for the coin and the Counos community on the whole.

The Counos and its Features

Counos took their time in order to come up with amazing strategiesand options to aid profitability for users. It may interest you to know that the company behind Counos has made moves into the blockchain-based financial market, prior to its public offering. Here are some amazing things about Counos:

  • Generation of stablecoins that are tied to global fiat currencies
  • Counos Cash stablecoins (Tied to the Swiss Franc)
  • Counos E (Tied to the Euro)
  • Counos U (Tied to the Dollar)
  • Counos CAD (Tied to the Canadian Dollar)

Interestingly, the stablecoins have fixed values that are the same with the fiat currencies of the countries they represent, and the creation of the stablecoins is a strategy that will make it easy for people to perform international financial trades without the usual uncertainty, delays, and protocols involved in doing it the traditional way.

  • The use of Counos based on the value of precious metals
  • Counos Gold
  • Counos Silver

In this case, the cryptocurrencies are dependent on the value of gold and silver, and thus makes the coin a good choice for crypto investments, especially for long-term hedging.

This feature is getting launched pretty soon, and it will be one of the best platforms for the trade of cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries or middlemen. Hence, transactions will be strictly on a peer-to-peer basis.

In cases where financial contracts need to be used, the Counos escrow service will function as an effective and efficient way to increase confidence and transparency in a trustless system.


There are several benefits to enjoy when using Counos, and apart from the default benefits that come with the underlying blockchain technology, there are some amazing benefits from Counos. Bitcoin is not as decentralized as it should be, because there are a select few that actually have some control based on the fact that they are huge investors, and Counos on the other hand is taking the control away from any central entity, and giving that power to every owner and user of the Counos coin, hence, there will be no aggregation of investments, and with the free public offering, more users will join the Counos community, which will in turn bring about an unprecedented increase in the coin’s value and usage.

Furthermore, there will be a $10,000 lottery to be held every 6 months, and this lottery will be open to those who have as little as 1 Counos coin. This strategy is envisioned to help boost the crypto trades going on within the Counos community, and thus increase the coin’s value.

The Counos platform is one innovation that has a lot of possibilities for members of the crypto community.

Check the block explorer to see how trasactins grow: http://blockex.csc.counos.org

Decentralize exchange still in beta:   http://dex.counos.world

Central exchange: https://counos.exchange

Escrow : https://escrow.counos.com


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