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Coinspectator Crypto News Aggregator Review

Whether you are new or old in the cryptocurrency market, one thing that everyone knows about the cryptocurrency market is that it is a very volatile market. This means that in five minutes you can go from being able to pay five months’ rent to being unable to pay your telephone bills.

Because of this volatility, it becomes very important to stay abreast of things and be well informed about current price situations and the general direction of the trend.

It just means that you need to find a source where you can access all the information necessary to stay ahead of the general population.

The best way to do this with the least stress is to get yourself a news aggregator. So, today we are going to talk about one of the renowned crypto news aggregator which is coinspectator.com

What is Coinspectator?

Coinspectator is one of the free cryptocurrency news aggregators worth checking out. In addition to enabling all those who wish to follow the latest events and news on the market, coinspectator provides users with investment advice and informs users of promising ICO launches and many others things.

With the ability to manage news from hundreds of sources, such as social media, news websites, advice, price analysis, forecasts from major financial institutions, rumors and government speeches, users of Coinspectator platform will never miss updates on their favorite crypto projects.

The Coin Spectator website is an original idea from a freelance cryptocurrency news editor that aims to provide new direction to the world of cryptocurrencies with a tool to help keep up with the latest information, news, and projects on time, real and simple. The new aggregator development team made up of

Justina Patricia – Editor-in-Chief

Jefferson May– Senior Journalist

Simon Penfield – Assistant editor

CoinSpectator Features:

The menu presents some of the largest cryptos regarding market capitalization value.

News and Projects column

The news aggregator center is for updates on the latest cryptocurrency titles and projects that are expected to be launched.

The drop-down list accumulates information from several crypto news sites and websites ranging from Coin Geek, Investopedia to Twitter analysis.

ICO information column

If you are interested in the latest ICO project, you can get an overview of current or future ICOs. Additionally, you can sort the ICO list according to your desire regarding launch date, ICO deadline and more options.


Coin Spectator is a great tool for anyone looking for a quick overview of the world of cryptocurrencies. While most news aggregators focus on the latest news, Coin Spectator obtains information from several legitimate crypto news media that range from almost 100. The scrolling stream will contain informative details from across the industry.

In addition, the inclusion of ICOs is also unique in that you have the opportunity to read the latest investment opportunities before they become widespread.

Overall, Coin Spectator seems to be a go-to point of sale when you need quick information on one platform.

So the next time you’re looking for an index of the best news in the crypto and blockchain industry, then you should consider using the Coinspectator platform.


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