Shopify employees allegedly behind Ledger’s database hack

In a blog post today, hardware wallet designer Ledger returned to his customer database breach in July 2020 where two employees of...
Malware crypto

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Users attacked by Malware

I really hate rodents, but especially ones that eat your money. Malware ElectroRat is after crypto wallets, says a researcher at cybersecurity firm Intezer....

GK8 ready to award first person to crack the ‘Hack-proof’

Offline cold storage cryptocurrency wallet service provider GK8 has said it's ready to offer awards worth $250, 000...
Crypto exchange

Crypto exchange hack dops in 2019 ― Chainalysis report

As long as digital assets continue to exist, these entities are always going to be exposed to hack attacks. Also, with computing...

$30 million ICO fraudsters charged to court by US SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday charged convicted criminal Boaz Manor, his business associate, and two businesses, CG Blockchain Inc....

Paypal hacker got rewarded for revealing company’s security vulnerability

For reporting a security breach that could lead to the exposure of user password to a hacker, Paypal paid Alex Brisan...

Hacker intensifies efforts to steal more crypto via Telegram

Security researchers in a recent publication revealed that a hack group famously known as Lazarus are intensifying efforts to steal as much more digital...

Blockchain firm NULS, looses $480,000 token worth to hack attack

NULS, a ledger blockchain platform announced on Sunday in a tweet that hackers already carted away with around 2 million NULS token which is...
Quantum computing

Bitcoin worth $28bn susceptible to quantum attack

According to a recently published research by Delloite, bitcoin worth $28bilion are in imminent danger of a quantum attack.

19-year-old hacks 75 phones to cart away $1m in cryptocurrency

19-year-old Yousef Selassie is still facing trial in Manhattan Supreme Court for allegedly carting away around $1 million in cryptocurrency.