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Career opportunities in crypto and blockchain industry

Rob Panoe, founder of proof talent a crypto and blockchain specialized recruiting firm made public an analysis as regards career opportunities and state of hiring in the crypto and blockchain space.

The analysis featured career paths in the crypto space, prospect employers should hire, available opportunity in the industry and many more.

Devin Banerjee a linkedin analyst also plotted a graph on the hiring of blockchain developers against the average monthly price of BTC as it is believed that interest in careers related to cryptocurrency is directly correlated to the price of Bitcoin and the crypto markets.

Linkedin’s emerging job report in 2018 had it that Blockchain Developers was the emerging career path with 33x year on year growth.

However, in the 2019 Linkedin’s report, blockchain developer was not featured in the emerging job report.

This translates to the fact that people don’t want to only invest their assets in bitcoin and crypto but also invest their career in the industry as the market is booming.

On the path of Job employers in the crypto space, resourcefulness is key as companies should be creative with candidate sourcing because excellent prospect and talent are radially available in the market.

Engineers, most wanted players

As the crypto world continues to soar while being in the building stage, it is reported that over 60% of the available opportunities are engineering related.

 The last 35% or so are split between Operations, Marketing, Business Development, Legal and Design.  

This is because many blockchain or crypto companies are building softwares or tech which are yet to hit product-market fit and are building products.

However with continued development and advancement in these companies, the cycle begins to change as more diversified set of opportunities outside of engineering begin to set in.

Geographical concentration of crypto players

One thing that has not been decentralized is the distribution of talent and job opportunities within the United States.

Most opportunities in the blockchain space in US remains in San Francisco and New York City.

Owing to this and the fact that crypto is a unique blend of technology and finance, it is understandable that New York City, and the capital of the tech world, Silicon Valley/San Francisco, lead the way.

With this conditions it is believed that several players are going to migrate to different part of the Us to contribute their own quota to the crypto space


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