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Cardano now allows staking for Android Yoroi Wallet

Cardano, a decentralized public blockchain has introduced Android Yoroi Wallet, now allowing the users of its Cardano’s Yoroi Wallet to stake their ADA to receive rewards.

This is because of the company’s objective to commence rewarding users of ADA while also helping to protect the network by staking their tokens.

This means a crucial step towards decentralization as this is the incentivized Shelley Testnet phase.

Shelley Testnet has now gone live. This will enable staking for rewards among many others.

The Shelley Testnet phase is used to assess the possibility of running an incentivized, decentralized Cardano.

The rewards for ADA holders are for those who either run a stake pool or those who assign their stakes to others.

What is Shelley Testnet?

Shelley Testnet is a program that Cardano is starting to improve the decentralization of the platform through many procedures.

Cardano emerged with the roadmap for the company in 2019, and in 2020, the objective is coming to realization.

This is with the takeoff of the incentivized testnet that entails stakers gaining rewards for staking their ADA.

These users can swiftly restore their testnet ADA balance and access the stake delegation feature or start operating their own stake pool for rewards.

iOS users will also be accessible to the service as soon as Apple finishes reviewing the app and okays it for usage.

Through staking, all members of Cardano will be eligible to have a part in securing the network and they will receive a reward in ADA.

2020 is the year Cardano reign

According to CEO and Co-Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson had said in 2019 that 2020 is the year of Cardano.

To achieve this, Charles Hoskinson and his team has modified Cardano and ADA.

This includes the launch of ADAPay to boost adoption for payments.

To also make it compete favorably among other blockchain companies, Cardano is trying to examine many other use cases for the blockchain.

As of now, some users are already exploring the staking service on the testnet and are giving feedback on problems.

This is looking positive because the participation and feedback from the users of Cardano will assist to better the decisive stage of the mainnet.

According to reports, Cardano has nicer technology than many folks know


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