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Cancer group now accepts bitcoin donation in America

American Cancer Society (ACS), a non-profit organization has announced that from henceforth, it has started to accept donations in cryptocurrency through BitPay.

Cancer Society is an American society committed to funding research work on cancer in a bid to eradicating the disease.

BitPay, on the other hand, is a bitcoin payment solution founded in 2011 that has handled and raised as much as $50 million in donation.

The experienced bitcoin fundraiser says it has handled more than $50 million in donations since 2017 with partners such as the Tony Hawk Foundation and the American Red Cross.

According to Brant Woodward, an executive of the cancer society, he mentioned that owing to the number of people vulnerable to cancer attack, they have to broaden sources of donation to cater for all.

Brant said in his own words, “Cancer affects people from all walks of life, so it’s not surprising that we draw support from a broad cross-section of donors.

He also mentioned that the cancer society relies on grassroots fundraising especially form citizens between forty to fifty years.

Brant claimed that crypto being a nascent financial technology, ACS hopes its partnership with BitPay allows younger donors into the fold.

According to BitPay’s statistics, however, the average crypto donation has hovered around $10,000, in 2017.

Brant said further that the ACS mission is urgent and to accomplish its mission donors have to be engaged everywhere they are.

Experienced BitPay a controversial option

Even though BitPay claims to be experienced as regards fundraising, handling charity and has handled more than $50 million in donations since 2017 with partners such as the Tony Hawk Foundation and the American Red Cross.

Controversies continue to trail their integrity and ability after an incident between them and Hong Kong Free Press Fund (HKFP).

Tom Grundy, Editor-in-chief & founder of Hong-Kong crowdfunded media outlet, HKFP, dragged BitPay over popular social medium, Twitter, announcing that the fundraisers refused to transfer the media’s donation without good reason.

After BitPay declined to transfer the funds, Hong Kong Free Press changed its payment processor to BTCPay.

American Cancer Society

The American Society was founded in 1913 under the name of “American Society for the Control of Cancer,” by ten physicians and five businessmen.

The society is one of the oldest and largest volunteer health organizations in the world.

Cancer being a disease anybody is vulnerable to, they seek donations from people across all walk of life.

A statement from the humanitarian organization website reads “we’re on a mission to free the world from cancer.

Until we do, we’ll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention so you can live longer and better.


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