Blockchain Startup Securitize Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program

Blockchain startup Securitize is one among the ten enterprise blockchain business networks to join the IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program. The program is expected to help the most promising companies with existing traction to scale their blockchain business networks.

During the accelerator program, Securitize will be exploring the tokenization of corporate debt, which is an $82 trillion market annually, and the IBM treasury issues billions in corporate debt every year. Securitization of this asset offers significant time and cost efficiencies to the existing process.

The program was launched in mid-November in a partnership between technology giant IBM and the Columbia University.

Securitize is a compliance platform and protocol for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain, including dividends, distributions, and share buy-backs. Securitize’s Digital Securities Protocol (DS Protocol) enables seamless, fully compliant trading across multiple markets simultaneously.

Earlier, in mid-November, IBM had teamed up with Columbia University to help startup companies in setting up the next generation of blockchain networks through two blockchain accelerator programs. The duo established a center called “Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency” in July devoted to research, education, and innovation in blockchain technology and data transparency.

The programs will each support ten startups that are working to build out blockchain businesses and developing enterprise blockchain networks. They will have access to design workshops from IBM, the Columbia research community and student talent pools, as well as the IBM Cloud technology through the program.

According to the World Trade Orgnaization, blockchain will create economic value of more than $3 trillion by 2030.


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