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Blockchain Life 2019: Hosted By Singapore

It would please all Cryptocurrency and Blockchain lovers and fans alike that the technology will be integrating with a 3d universal forum. This integration will be happening live on the 23rd down to 24th of April 2019.

Wondering what the title of the event is? It is none other than Blockchain Life 2019. This fascinating event will be taking place in Singapore. Even more, this is the largest worldwide industry event ever to take place.

The participants will be more than five thousand, and of course, they will also be coming in from roughly seventy countries, if not more than that amount.

However, those interested in knowing more about the event and hoping to get an early bird ticket should visit http://blockchain-life.com/en/.

People To Expect

Some of the people that will be in attendance of this event range from the following. They include;

  • Leading Blockchain companies executives
  • Venture and crypto funds
  • Cryptocurrency traders
  • Businessmen
  • Private Investors
  • Upcoming yet promising startups
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain developers
  • As well as, Cryptocurrency miners.

All these and many more will be gathered together in beautiful Singapore.

Also, topics to be discussed during this exciting event ranges from the current trends in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry down to defining advancements in the industry. This advancements also involves plans for the upcoming future.

Speakers At The Event

This exciting forum will be hosting popular speakers. These speakers will reveal all the possible methods of earning profits and building promising projects in not just Cryptocurrency but also the Blockchain industry.

Among the long lists of speakers include;

  • Sergei Khitrov: He is the admirable founder of Listing. The Help and Jets Capital.
  • Xinxi Wang: He is the director of the LiteCoin foundation
  • Tim Draper: He is rated amongst top universal venture capitalists
  • Vit Jedlicka: He is the President of the Free Republic of Liberland
  • Nikolai Shkilev: He is rated amongst the top Initial coin offering (ICO) advisors
  • Anatolii Kaplan: He is the founder of Fork log
  • Giacomo Arcaro: He is referred to as the number one European Initial Coin Offering (ICO) growth hacker

All these renowned professionals and other professional experts will be speaking at this interesting event. Also, for those interested in the event, the names above are the speakers you will be privileged to listen to.

About Blockchain Life

The Blockchain Life event takes place twice in a year and basically brings the worldwide Blockchain and the Cryptocurrency community together in one venue.

The last forum of the year 2018 was held in St Petersburg; Russia. It also attracted a total number of five thousand attendees from all over the world.

The Blockchain Life event was also eventually referred to as the biggest European event in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry.

To Wrap It Up

The blockchain life to be held in Singapore is the Asian edition. Singapore is the Monetary and technological hub of Asia and the capital of Blockchain world.

Additionally, the venue for the forum is the popular Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is situated in the heart of Singapore. Also, the hotel can withstand the five thousand attendees.


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