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Blockchain deployment grows amid coronavirus outbreak

As a result of the numerous advantage of blockchain technology, China has turned to blockchain technology to organize medical data and trace the supply of virus prevention materials.

This is in the middle of the persistent coronavirus outbreak.

Reports had it that China launched as much as 20 blockchain-based apps in early February.

These applications were constructed to assist in tackling the coronavirus outbreak and also to oversee the personal data of citizens.

This is as many people would be going back to their jobs this month.

Blockchain is on guard for medical data safety

As stated by local authorities, blockchain enables them to trace and protect the collected data.

For instance, in Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, a tech company called Vastchain Technology introduced a WeChat-based program dubbed Access Pass.

This program creates a QR code that residents can use to enter gated communities.

Also, in agreement with the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission and the Economy and Information Technology Department, mobile and online payment platform, Alipay initiated a platform that allows charity organizations to partner up more efficiently.

Mainly, this application enables users to trace the allocation and contribution of relief supplies.

Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, uses its own tech for online consultation and screening, as well as safely manage health records.

Effect of Coronavirus on businesses

Certainly, the outbreak of coronavirus has affected lots of things, from the postponement of cryptocurrency-related conferences to delays in services and so on.

The coronavirus has jeopardized the normal procedure of things in Asia, compelling a number of cryptocurrency-related conferences to re-schedule.

Hong Kong-based blockchain remittance startup Bitspark also announced its closure suddenly.

Asides the coronavirus outbreak in China, the anti-government riots in Hong Kong, where Bitspark’s headquarters is located, also resulted to its closure.

For Facebook, its supply chain for hardware has been disrupted, and it halted a conference it was hosting in San Francisco.

Employees have also been told not to make any journey to China, where the virus emerged.

As regards travel, for now, 24 airlines have canceled flights to and from China.

These airlines include British Airways, Air France, and Dutch airline KLM, which axed flights through much of March.

In the United States, American Airlines and Delta have suspended flights until the end of April.

Producers for Chinese customers have also taken a hit, with shops and entertainment venues across the country closed by quarantine conditions.

Nightclubs, bars, car plants, luxury good makers, smartphone producers in China, have also been affected by this outbreak.


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