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Blockchain And Its Aid To Dallas Students

Over the years, most individuals only saw transcripts from high school as a list of courses that have been completed plus the grades.

However, there are still issues involved when the school’s registrar is called to either fax a duplicate of the transcript or mail it down to a college. Recently, the management of data is not as easy as it was back then.

This is due to the fact that an extra large amount of students are taking lectures at various high schools. Students are gaining college credits and even taking industry credentials. Some of the students have gone on to take readiness badges from diverse sources also.

Moreover, with the rapidly increasing interest in exhibited abilities over pedigrees, diverse schools are interested in revealing a full picture of what a younger person’s abilities are.

For Dallas County high school, they will be deploying a comprehensive transcript to distribute career readiness data completely. However, a sum of two hundred and fifty schools have merged in the Mastery Transcript Consortium.

This merging has been executed for the sole purpose of building a newer method to issue the exhibited competence. There are difficulties with new data from new origins. All these make the transcript secure and flexibility complex.

However, Manoj Kitty has a different idea. Kutty thinks that blockchain can be used to resolve such an issue.

Blockchain As A Solution

With a leadership role for seventeen years at Tata Interactive, Manoj Kutty successfully debuted LoudCloud. LoudCloud is a platform based on ability learning. With an increase throughout six years, Kutty sold the LoudCloud to the prominent Barnes and Noble Education.

Meanwhile, in resolving the transcript issue, Kutty debuted Greenlight credentials in the year 2018.

As Kutty worked with community colleges, universities, North Texas school district and even Dallas County Promise, Kutty was able to organize a team. This team was to create a technological platform.

This platform will provide students with ownership of their very own academic transcripts plus it will give them easy access to lifelong yet stackable credentials. There is a major benefit of  DLT (distributed ledger technology) such as Blockchain.

The benefit is that it enables both colleges and the employers to have a swift validation of diverse source transcript. However, with portability and security, it defeats the paper transcript that is gotten in the mail.

Immediately the students agree to the consent; the Greenlight platform provides both employers and colleges the smart ability to view all credentials in a particular place. Similarly, Greenlight can be compared to LinkedIn.

The difference between Greenlight and LinkedIn is that Greenlight has credentials that have been validated by diverse institutions.

The profiles of students can be an ecosystem of proofs of learning. This includes badges and even a portfolio comprising of artifacts.

It is also beneficial to high schools as it enhances the management of identity, better effective paperwork, and management of information for the state demands.


Greenlight basically makes sure all the transcripts are updated just as they are required. With a platform like Greenlight, the large opportunity for the future is like a market wherein universities will search for their applicants via credentials and even categories.

While Blockchain majorly trends behind Cryptos, it is nice to see the technology delivering value to employers, students, and the schools.


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