BitTorrent Token (BTT) Volume Soars in First Day of Trading on Binance

The newly listed altcoin has already seen $83.5 million in trading volume.

In its first day of trading on Binance, BitTorrent Token (BTT) has already exceeded a trading volume of 24,419.4 BTC or roughly $83.5 million.

According to live data from Binance, the BTT/BTC trading pair has nearly 3-times the volume of the next closest trading pair, XRP/BTC, with $28.2 million.

BitTorrent Token’s price has jumped 35% to $ 0.000498, with all of the gains coming in the first hour of trading, giving the altcoin a $44.4 million market cap.

BitTorrent will likely continue to see high trading volumes as major exchanges list the altcoin and airdrop recipients look to cash in their coins.


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