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Bitcoin down 20%

After several weeks of dizzying increases and a record above 34,000 euros (almost $ 42,000) a few days ago, now the market suddenly turned around overnight, and bitcoin dropped nearly 20% of its value.

A first disillusionment for the new entrants (except for those who invest in DCA [1] ), a healthy breath, even an opportunity for others.

-20% in 24 hours;

+2% in one week;

+85% in one month;

+826% in two years.

Bitcoin is currently trading for around 25,500 euros (33,000 USD) on the major trading platforms.

Is this a lasting turnaround (the start of a new bear market) or just a temporary correction like there have been many in the past? Experts debate:

[1] Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): investment of a fixed amount, at regular intervals to smooth the purchase price.


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