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Benefits of using Counos Dex

Currently, we are experiencing a great revolution in the crypto markets and as things turn green again, all interested parties are going back to the markets with an objective of making a profit. For every crypto trader or investor, good tools are essential when it comes to succeeding in the markets and with many companies offering a variety of platforms, it is always difficult for one to choose a tool that performs as expected by meeting all the individual needs.

What is Dex?

A decentralized exchange (Dex) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that works in a decentralized and this means that in a decentralized exchange, we do not have any central authority involved in facilitating the transaction.  In a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, users can trade cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer way. In type of exchange, users do not have to any central exchange platform and this makes their assets are protected from any hacking on the exchange platform. It is also worth mentioning that decentralized exchanges prevent any price manipulations.

Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos Dex) is an online platform that offers a variety of financial services and for some time, they have been able to meet the standards when it comes to offering sophisticated financial services. With their exchange platform; Counos Dex, they offer some of the best financial services and on top of this, they are availing some of the most innovative cryptocurrencies to the investors.

Main features of Counos Dex

Counos Dex is a decentralized global network that that facilitates various financial transactions through the blockchain technology and in an all in one platform which combines both the Timestamp and proof of work server technologies. This ensures that the users have ultimate security when carrying out any online transaction.

Before a transaction is completed, the proof of work algorithm in the platform creates a computational challenge that is solved by a network of connected computers. Once the challenge is solved, Counos Dex then completes the transaction within a short period of time.

What makes Dex Counos stand out?

Most of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges offer services which are very similar and it is always difficult for in inexperienced crypto investor to pick the correct exchange that meets their demands. Counos Dex is one of the best choices since it has been designed in a way that meets the utility demands of crypto investors and traders. Here are a few among many benefits of using Counos Dex.

1. Ability to use an escrow service

Counos escrow is one of the unique features of this platform that allows two parties being involved in transaction to have three different keys; each for the buyers, seller and the Counos agent. The existing asset being used in the transaction is then transferred to the seller with the approval of all the three parties and this ensures that every transaction is done with openness and safety between the involved parties.

2. Unlimited volume and number of trades

With the Counos decentralized service, users can carry out unlimited number of transactions and one can create any number of sales offers they will. One can also buy unlimited number of cryptocurrencies.

3. The platform supports a variety of cryptocurrencies

Counos Dex supports major cryptocurrencies in the market and on top of this, they also avail the Counos coins and they can all be exchanged in the platform.

4. Ability to change fiat money to cryptocurrencies

Many decentralized exchanges limits the conversion of fiat money to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and this becomes a challenge to many users who want to buy the cryptos using currencies like Euro or Dollar. Counos Dex makes it easy to convert fiat money to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Because of the great and innovative features and cutting edge technology, Counos Dex has turned out to be one of the best decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Counos Dex is growing at a very high rate with many new users signing up to the platform every day. In conclusion, because of its amazing features, good services, trustworthiness and security, Counos Dex has proved  itself as one of the  best crypto exchanges out there.


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