Home Blockchain Aliant Payments rolls out free crypto processing to qualifying merchants

Aliant Payments rolls out free crypto processing to qualifying merchants

Aliant Payments has begun offering cryptocurrency processing free-of-charge to qualifying US and European-based merchants that sign up for credit and debit card processing.

Aliant’s newly branded crypto processing product, called CryptoBucks, allows merchants to use any plugin, API, or app from Aliant’s library. CryptoBucks converts crypto to USD and Euros, with no volatility for the merchant.

Aliant, a US-based based provider of merchant services and payment processing, has a banking relationship with a publicly traded domestic bank to facilitate all payments to merchants, which is fully compliant with current federal regulations and adheres to all KYC and AML rules, according to the official press release.

Since its launch in July 2018, the payment processor’s development team has updated CryptoBucks’ features to include new plugin integrations, a sale option, and an enterprise option that allows the platform to be fully customized to any software vendor and merchant.


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